How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Stuttering, Lags And Freezing Badly

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Stuttering, Lags And Freezing Badly. Samsung offers a well-liked Foldable Z series that is drawing attention from everyone. The gadget has a futuristic design since it can fold. However, many people who have bought this item disagree due to the many complaints about Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 lags, stutters, and freezing problems. We’ll discuss these problems in this post today and provide you with some troubleshooting advice.

With a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ engine and 12GB of RAM, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is a powerful premium tablet. Even though this setup is well than sufficient to power a smartphone, Fold four users sometimes experience freezing or sluggish difficulties. An issue like this may be brought on by outdated software or a third-party program eating up all the RAM and CPU on the phone. Learn why your device is performing slowly & what you could do to solve it by reading more.

Restart Your Device

Although this approach seems ridiculous, it successfully resolves frequent issues, including apps that repeatedly close on their own, lag, freeze, or crash. After restarting the device, all open applications are dismissed, and only the necessary programs are loaded into memory. It’s like giving all of your gadgets a quick refresh.

You may restart the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 in two different methods. You restart your computer in the first section, but the second section involves forcing it to restart, which is more efficient. Let’s start by doing a simple reset.

Transparent Background Procedures

When you launch an app and press the power button, the app remains open but is hidden in the background. This consumes CPU resources and slows down the apparatus. Perhaps this is the cause of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 device’s slowness and stuttering problems. Here’s how to quickly delete background programs.

Update The Firmware

Companies that make smartphones often provide software upgrades that include new features, enhancements, and remedies for previously reported bugs. Therefore, if more Galaxy Z Flip 4 customers have the same problem, Samsung has to take action. Install the most recent software update and check whether the issue has been fixed.

Delete Any Unused Applications

Hundreds of applications are available on the Play Store for Android users, but that doesn’t mean you should download them all. It is advised to maintain important applications on your cellphone since keeping too many will slow down your device and potentially lower its functionality.

If you often install applications and games, be careful to remove them after you are done with them. Additionally, avoid installing APK files since they could have dangerous scripts that slow down your smartphone.

Clear Cache To Fix Samsung Galaxy Z

If your Samsung phone stops or slows, the cache data may need to be deleted. Don’t worry; no files or data will be lost. These procedures may be used to clear the cache on your Samsung phone:

  • Put the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 to sleep.
  • When you feel the vibration, press and hold power and volume up keys simultaneously.
  • The Recovery Menu will appear if you press and hold the button before releasing it.
  • After using the volume buttons to get to the option, choose to clear the cache by pushing the power button.


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