How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Not Tracking Steps Accurately

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Not Tracking Steps Accurately? Can the Samsung Galaxy Watch not detect your activity, steps, or floors? Does it provide a count that you are aware is unreliable? Putting all the effort into a workout to see a score of 0 at the end is quite upsetting.

All Samsung Watches utilize the Samsung Fitness app, but owners of more recent devices with Wear OS3—like the Galaxy Watch 5 and 4 Series—can use Google Fit to measure activity, like steps, distance, floors, & more. Check the following things before troubleshooting the Galaxy watch:

  • The Samsung Health app and your favorite app should be updated on your watch.
  • Restart your phone and your watch to reboot your look; press & hold the Home/Power & Back buttons simultaneously for seven seconds.
  • To ensure no dirt, debris, or oil affects your watch’s sensors, clean your watch, paying particular attention to the rear.
  • To clear any accumulated water that might obstruct the vent of the atmospheric pressure sensor, turn the water lock on and off.
  • When exercising, move your hands and arms, especially the arm holding the watch.

Verify Permission To Fix Samsung Galaxy Watch

Why Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Not Tracking Steps Accurately? Your chosen app won’t be able to access the sensor on your watch if it doesn’t have authorization. Grant your app access to your watch’s sensors to function correctly. On the Galaxy Watch 5, go to Samsung Health. Then, select Samsung Health’s settings by tapping it.

To enable data permission, choose Allow All. Alternatively, you may select which data to share with the Samsung Health app. Now click “done.”

Reset the Watch 

Resetting your watch is the last option you have. For example, the sensors in the watch may have been confused about whether you are walking and resting while counting your steps because of a conflict inside the watch’s application. Resetting your watch is the best approach to resolving these problems.

  • Go To Your Watch’s Settings
  • Reset after choosing general.
  • Tap on reset; if you’d like, you may decide to back up the data.
  • Please wait for the monitor to reset before pairing it with another device.

Reinstall To Fix Samsung Galaxy Watch 

None of those above fixes was successful for you; the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is still inaccurately tracking and not counting steps. Reinstall the app after erasing it from the device once. Then, you may sign in to Samsung Health and resume where you left off without worrying about anything happening to your data.

Verify The App Is Not Set To Sleep

Limiting the functionality, adding any app to the Sleeping applications reduces battery drain by 50%. However, the app won’t operate properly if it is added to the list of sleeping applications. In contrast, Samsung incorporated an adaptive battery function that manages and conserves battery life based on how you use the smartphone.

Therefore, if the Adaptive charge is on and you haven’t used the Samsung Health app in a while, it will automatically be added to the list for sleeping applications.

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Not Tracking Steps Accurately – Hope you have got your answer.

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