How To Fix Red Dead Redemption 2 Long Loading Time

How To Fix Red Dead Redemption 2 Long Loading Time? Many people have complained that they cannot get beyond the loading screen in Red Dead Redemption 2. Red Dead Redemption 2 continues to freeze on the start screen even though Rockstar Games has published many fixes for the game and its game launcher.

Don’t freak out if you encounter a never-ending loading screen, the app stops functioning, or the desktop crashes. Let us check out the steps to Fix Red Dead Redemption 2 Long Loading Time:

Disconnect The Net To Fix Red Dead Redemption 2

Make sure to detach and rejoin the Internet on the PC to confirm there is no problem with the connection. If the internet connection is shaky or slow, switching to a different network may help you pinpoint the source of the problem.

Check The Fairness Of The Game

Verifying game integrity helps most people when they run into the Red Redemption 2 endlessly loading difficulties. It will check any Red Dead Redemption documents to verify their integrity and try to download & replace any damaged or missing files.

Clear Out Unused 

Following the methods below will also help you manually delete any unnecessary files from your computer. In most situations, problems with the game opening or connecting to the server online may be traced back to an excessive quantity of temporary storage on the machine.

Disable antivirus software \ If you have the newest drivers loaded but still have difficulty playing the game, the cause might be your antivirus programme. Turning off or removing antivirus software is a common practice among players. So instead of turning off your antivirus software, you may exclude the whole folder where Red Dead Redemption 2 is located.

Run Disk Cleanup 

Disk cleaning is a built-in tool in the Windows operating system that defragments and deletes unnecessary data from hard drives. It’ll also enable you to opt to eliminate temporary files and other useless stuff from storage to improve the free storage capacity. Check out this comprehensive manual.

RDR2 Story Mode: Fix the Persistent Loading Screen 

According to a remedy by Rockstar Games Care, this problem may happen if the game successfully saves on storage. If you follow the instructions below to keep your game data, you may notice a significant decrease in loading time or at least avoid being stuck at the 50% loading screen.

  • Open Red Dead Redemption 2 > Select Storyline from the main menu.
  • Wait for roughly three minutes before loading the game.
  • Press Options on Ps (Menu on Xbox) (Menu on Xbox).
  • Press the Up on the D-pad 4 times > Press X for PlayStation (A on Xbox) (A on Xbox).
  • Wait for one minute for the game to save.
  • Select Playstation Menu Options (Menu on Xbox).
  • Do not forget to click the confirmation button before starting the saved game.
  • After a few moments, the RDR2 games should load successfully.

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