How to fix Red Dead Redemption 2 full screen not working?

The 2nd Red Dead Redemption of 2018 is one of the most premium action-adventure online games presented via Rockstar Games. It has gotten a ton of awards because of its gameplay controls, great visuals, along with storytelling. It is the 3rd variant of the series of Red Dead Redemption. It has received very positive feedback for the version of the computer since the year of 2019. But, it looks like the issue of Red Dead Redemption 2 full screen not working is annoying a ton of players. That is not expected for a game like this.

Now, if our reader also belongs to the category of sufferers of one issue like this. Then they can go through this column for troubleshooting and fix the 2nd Red Dead Redemption. The 2nd game of Red Dead Redemption is not launching in the mode of full-screen by default on a Windows computer. According to a bunch of virtual reports. It becomes very frustrating for any affected player when they launch this game because of a couple of possible causes that one can check below. Fortunately, we have discussed a couple of workarounds in this column as well.

Bluntly speaking, there are a couple of causes. These can be found to trouble an individual a ton. Such as old graphics drivers, one old build or version of Windows, one old launcher of Rockstar Games, issues regarding the program of firewall or antivirus, missing or corrupted gaming files, and so much more. While problems with admin access, problems with a system file, conflicts with the details of the launcher profile, etc. can also create a bunch of problems whatsoever. So, let us hop onto the fixes of Red Dead Redemption 2 Full Screen Not Working.

  • Deactivate The Protection Of Antivirus

If in case, the game or computer applications are not operating properly on the PC. Then the probability is higher that there is one conflict with security software. One program of aggressive antivirus can create ongoing element folders to decrease vulnerability issues on one system. Yet an individual can physically deactivate their antivirus protection to look for this issue. 

  • Run The Scanner Of SFC to Red Dead Redemption 2 Full Screen Not Working

The scan utility equipment of SFC or System File Checker is one for the system of Windows. This permits users to check for missing or corrupted files on Windows and restore those automatically.

  • Element The Settings Files Of This Game 

Sometimes eliminating the settings regarding gaming files or XML files from an installed game file can repair the issues of full-screen not operating.

  • Update Windows Version or Build

In a couple of cases, one old system of Windows can generate a bunch of problems with the gaming folders running properly. Therefore, an individual must look for any notification of Windows upgradation on the computer.

So that is it, readers. We hope this column on the fixes of Red Dead Redemption 2 Full Screen Not Working was useful to you. 

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