How to fix portable radio antenna wire step by step in 2022?

When the portable radio antenna wire is severed or cut, an individual can fix portable radio antenna wire themselves through soldering on the end of the replacement adapter. In this column, we will tell the readers how to utilize one easy antenna adaptor. It can fix the wire of one broken portable radio antenna.

1st Step to fix portable radio antenna wire

  1. The very first step is for the person to collect all of their supplies. The following items are required before they may begin:
  2. Male and female connectors are included on each end of this antenna adapter. The user will snip off the female end of the adapter. They must then solder it to the remaining end of the shortened adaptor. That will allow them to join the male end of a cable to the female end and vice versa. All they need is one antenna adapter, which can be purchased at any department store specializing in Electronics.
  3. Tweezers or a shotgun
  4. Sharp as a razor
  5. The use of Velcro® Brand Fasteners
  6. Wrapping electrical wires with heat shrink or tape

2nd Step

To fix portable radio antenna wire, one has to slice down the female end of an antenna adapter by utilizing one razor blade. Then, a person has to give themself some breathing room, which may be a few inches of wire protruding from the adaptor’s top cap, to solder it to the end of the cut antenna wire. 

Depending on the circumstances, the person may be compelled to sever their female reproductive organs and join those of a male. Different people may need both ends. They may then connect the two halves of the previously cut cable.

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3rd Step

Elements the shield from the side of an antenna adapter. Carefully unwrap the covering from the snipped end of one antenna adapter to reveal the bare metal wire within. That blackguard should be removed, along with the plastic shield it conceals.

  • The central wire is flimsy and paper thin. The person should thus take care not to sever the connection.
  • Then they’ll wish there was another inch or so of exposed wire.

To reconnect the severed end of the antenna wire, remove the shielding. Then, expose roughly an inch of wire at the end of the damaged antenna wire by carefully peeling away its shielding, just as you did with the cut-off end of the antenna adaptor.

4th Step

Then, they must solder the internal wirings of both sides together after wrapping them separately. After then, they must reconnect by re-enveloping the withdrawn shield. The next step is to tape one zip tie after ensuring it is aligned with the soldered component throughout its length. The last step is to secure the connection using heat shrink or tape.

Last step to fix portable radio antenna wire

Tie one zip tie surrounding both parts of a tape. That prevents that tape from slipping along with uncovering any of the wirings inside. Next, plug that male side into its female end.

I hope with the assistants of this column; the reader can fix portable radio antenna wire. The individual should not forget to put the batteries of their portable radio in place before giving their newly repaired radio antenna wiring a try.

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