How to fix Poco M4 and M4 Pro 5G mobile overheating issue in 2022?

The devices from the series of M4 by Poco in 2022 belong to the section of the mid-budget Android mobile devices present in the Marketplace. Right now, it arrives in the presence of Pleasant features and specifications. An individual will get the refresh rate 90Hz and a battery of 5000mAh out of the box. These are one of the most noticeable attraction points. Even though Dimensity 700 SoCs along with MTK Helio G96 are efficient when it comes to power in the mid-range budget, it looks like the trending criticism about them is the Poco M4 and M4 Pro 5G mobile overheating issue. During multitasking or charging, these mobile devices get warm rapidly.

Now, if the reader is also one of the sufferers of such one problem, they can follow our column on troubleshooting to repair it. Somehow both the M4 Pro 5G mobile devices and the M4 by Poco are getting warm enough to hold in the hands or even utilize properly. It is also worth mentioning that both of the models are operating on the 12th version of Android on top of the 13th version of MIUI, which is the reason why the efficiency regarding energy along with its software optimization should operate properly even though dedicated features for cooling the device are not going to be present in budget-friendly mobile devices.

Fixing Poco M4 Pro 5G and M4 by Poco overheating issue or getting warm rapidly

Smartphones from Poco are coming across the issue regarding overheating that can show up on mobile devices regardless of the segment. For example, frequently exposed to direct sunlight playing online games streaming multimedia charging overnight, and so much more can Trigger battery overheating or draining.

On top of that, heavy applications operating in the background, downloading or uploading content online, video chatting, and so much more can also be the reason.

Such reasons are going to finally Trigger the issue of draining a smartphone battery. On top of that, a user can also come across unexpected behaviors on their mobile devices. Such as application crashes, poor internet or network signal frame drop, stutters, legs, long loading spans of games or applications, slow booting, and so much more.

As mentioned before, the services or applications running in the background, particularly in the presence of BlueTooth or location access, can create one massive overheating or draining. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to fix the Poco M4 and M4 Pro 5G mobile overheating issue. 

  • Perform one force reboot.
  • Look for a software update.
  • Swap the refresh rate of the display.
  • Activate the dark mode.
  • Activate the power saver mode.
  • Forcefully stop all the apps.
  • Do not overcharge the smartphone battery.
  • Do not keep the smartphone under proper sunlight.
  • Install the updates of the pending app.
  • Attempt disabling unutilized services and applications.
  • Boot in the safe mode.
  • Reset the mobile device.

That is it, readers. We hope this guide on how to fix the Poco M4 and M4 Pro 5G mobile overheating issue was useful to you. 

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