How to fix Plex live TV streaming not working on Apple TV

Plex, Inc. provides the service of on-demand broadcasting media and the client-serving media player platform to broadcast Live television channels, music, sports, TV series, movies, and so much more. It is accessible in the present of the vast majority of the famous and significant streaming gadgets for both premium and free content around the world. According to Plex, live television access is at 0 costs, along with permitting more than 250 channels. On top of that, those channels are going to broadcast 24/7. But many users currently come across the Plex live TV streaming not working on Apple TV.

As per a bunch of online reports on the forum of Plex, the player of Apple TV can not broadcast live television channels on Plex. This is because the player of iOS can not play the recorded content. On the other hand, a couple of affected utilisers mention that the client of Plex for television crashes on Live television along with rebooting a streaming device, or the power cycling did not fix this issue. So that particular issue begins appearing to a user when attempting to broadcast any Live television channel and show ‘Recording Live TV- Session.’

The upcoming thing that takes place is the icon of life television recording indicates now playing. But that loads that symbol, and the display go black to a list of channels and guides. So this specific problem begins showing up after one recent update of Plex v8.6. Fortunately, Plex utilisers are still capable of playing other content. Such as scheduled Live television recordings, movie recordings, and so much more. At least, that is one nice thing. But they are not capable of streaming Live television content at all in the last couple of days or more. 

Fixing Live Television Streaming Not Operating On An Apple TV By Plex

A couple of individuals have attempted to troubleshoot this issue in the presence of methods such as restarting their Apple TV, disabling their Wi-Fi or PMS host, and rebooting their network. Yet nothing has fixed this problem.

Meanwhile, one employee of Plex has confirmed this issue and provided one quick troubleshooting to fix the Plex live TV streaming not working on Apple TV on the official forum. According to the comment for support, the team Plex is working on the problem, which will be repaired soon. But there is no specific period they have declared yet.

Addition info 

Fortunately, there is a straightforward workaround offered that an individual can go through to resolve this problem now. First, the individual has to make sure that they have switched off both of their options for ‘Use Old Video Player’ along with ‘Auto Adjust Quality’ from the settings menu of Plex.

What differentiates Plex from traditional services regarding streaming, such as Netflix, is that their users can upload digital media copies. On top of that, they can access that from anywhere utilizing the application of Plex. And that is it, readers. We sincerely hope this column on fixing the Plex live TV streaming not working on Apple TV was fruitful for them.

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