How To Fix Pixel 7 Pro Sim Card Not Detected Or No Sim Card Error

How To Fix Pixel 7 Pro Sim Card Not Detected Or No Sim Card Error? While excellent, the Pixel 7 Pro is not without flaws. Users often report issues, the most prevalent of which is the “No Service” or “No SIM Card” message. This mistake might be inconvenient if you use your phone for business or other serious matters. But don’t worry.

We are here to assist. In this article, we will explain what causes the “Network Drop/No Service/No SIM Card” problem on the Pixel 7 Pro and how to rectify the situation.

How To Repair The Pixel 7 Pro’s Error “Sim Card Not Detected”

In today’s society, most people cannot imagine getting by without their cell phones. The inability of your smartphone to recognise your SIM card renders it useless. You cannot make calls, and your mobile internet isn’t working. Therefore fixing your smartphone’s SIM problem as soon as possible is crucial.

Restart The Pixel 7 Professional

You might try rebooting your phone as a first step. For most Pixel issues, a restart is all that’s needed. Your Pixel will attempt to restart each service or configuration, and your Sim can be identified during this process. This is how you may restart the Pixel 7 Pro.

  • To restart, press & hold the Power button while increasing the volume.
  • Select the Restart option. Await the completion of the device’s boot process.
  • Verify the status of your SIM card.

Swap SIM Cards

If the SIM card is already adequately inserted and you’re still experiencing network problems, you might try using the second SIM slot. Some Google Pixel 2 & Pixel 2 XL owners, have reported success with this.

The SIM toolkit must be activated with a “SIM Slot Switch” function. Click it, then choose the alternative SIM slot. In the case of a dual-SIM phone, you may choose which SIM card to use for data. Choose a solution, and then try restarting your device to see if the issue disappears.

To Fix Pixel 7 Pro Entering The Safe Mode

Booting on Safe Mode is an option to attempt if you’re experiencing issues getting or staying connected on your Pixel Pro. By temporarily disabling all third-party applications, Safe Mode should fix the connection issue if one of these programmes is to blame. Press the button until you see the “shut down” prompt to enter Safe Mode and begin booting.

  • Press the Power button and keep it until you see the Reboot into safe mode message.
  • Tap OK.
  • After the restart, “Safe mode” will appear in the phone’s status bar.

Once you have entered Safe Mode, you may attempt using your Sim or connect to a network again. If everything is running well, the issue was probably caused by one of your programmes, and you will need to identify which one. After removing each programme, you may concentrate your efforts on verifying whether the problem still exists.

To Fix Pixel 7 Pro Verification Of SIM Card Status

SIM card availability should be verified with your service provider, as carriers have been known to temporarily disable SIM cards that haven’t been used in the past 90 days. The company has implemented this safety measure to safeguard its consumers from any fraudulent activity. Therefore, please connect to your service provider and verify that the SIM card is functional.

Modify Pixel Network Settings

  • If an old bug is giving you trouble on your network, try resetting it. Here’s how to force a network restart.
  • Click the settings cog and go to the System tab.
  • Select the Reset button and press it.
  • Select the menu item that reads “Reset WiFi, mobile & Bluetooth.”

To Fix Pixel 7 Pro Put an End To 2G

Turning off 2G is the first thing to do if you are having problems with your Google Pixel’s network connection. To disable 2G, choose “Mobile Network” under “Network & Internet” in the settings menu. Because of this, your phone will be limited to using either 3G or 4G data, which will be more stable. Turning off 2G may not help if you are experiencing weak cell reception due to where you reside.

Get In Touch With The Help Desk

You may contact Google for assistance if you have a problem with your Pixel phone and none of the above solutions worked. Here is Pixel’s customer service number in case you need it.

1-800-419-0157 just lay out your issues and sees if they can help. Your phone may be picked up and dropped off following the service, or you can be briefed on any further alternatives.

If you do not have access to the internet, you will not be able to communicate with your far-flung friends and relatives. If you have a Pixel phone and are experiencing a sim card problem, here is how to repair it.

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