How to fix phone not charging beyond 80% after Android 13 update?

Those individuals who have upgraded their mobile devices with the 13th version of Android have encountered a couple of problems in their charging. There are a bunch of criticisms that clearly state that mobile devices are not charging after they touch the level of 80 percent. Whenever individuals put their mobile devices on charging, it pauses at 80 percent. Then how to fix phone not charging ?

In this column, we are going to guide them through this problem. Suppose the reader is one of the individuals who have upgraded their mobile device to this latest 13th version of Android. As a result, those struggling with this problem can find answers here. We are going to point out what can be the cause behind this problem. Along with that, we will also mention whether it is an issue or this is just one characteristic of the 13th variant of Android. So let us tell the readers how to fix phone not charging beyond 80% after the Android 13 update.

An individual can put their mobile device on charge. After that, if it is fixed on the 80 percent mark, they will think their battery is not working properly, or there is one bug. Yet it is one characteristic of Android 13, as mentioned by Google. The 13th variant of Android arrives with this feature. It will limit the battery energy to the mark of 80 percent. This is to preserve the battery’s health.

Charging a smart mobile device when it is draining (such as playing games) its battery will negatively influence its health. This is a statement by Google. That is why the company has restricted battery charging to just 80 percent. 

  • Is there anything one can do to fix phone not charging?

The shorter answer is going to be Yes. Most certainly, an individual can fix phone not charging beyond 80% after the Android 13 update. This feature can feel very useful and legit. Yet if an individual heavily relies on their smartphone. Then they will find this 80 percent battery restriction feature not as good or useful for their daily life. The positive aspect is that they can alter this by entering their settings. Here is the way they can do it.

Switch off the feature of battery optimization on the android. One can shut down battery optimization. They have to go to the option of the battery into the settings and deactivate this option.

More info to fix phone not charging

Android 13 possesses a ton of characteristics. Yet it also arrives with a couple of bugs. Because it is at quite a new stage. Individuals have been criticizing the battery life as draining quickly. Specifically, if the WiFi is switched on.

This feature of 80 percent restriction can be fruitful for individuals who utilize their mobile devices less frequently. They are going to wish their battery life to be 100 percent. Yet, for the individuals who heavily use their mobile devices. It might be for playing many games or watching TV series and movies can have one huge problem with this battery restriction feature. They would want to fix phone not charging beyond 80% after the Android 13 update.

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