How to fix OnePlus Alert Slider not working in 2022

Switch it to switch between Ring, Silent swiftly, and Vibrate even when the display is off. Even if the mobile device is present in the pocket. Or an individual does not wish to unlock their display to utilize it. Unfortunately, this convenience is not that valuable. Despite how fruitful it might be, many consumers have registered issues with their OnePlus Alert Slider not working in 2022 anymore.

This famous alert slider these days has been one defining feature of mobile devices of OnePlus from quite early in its presence. Only mobile devices of OnePlus, and not even iPhones, offer this switch. For the individuals who are not aware, this is one physical slider present on the side of the mobile device. It manages the preferences regarding the ringer. Bluntly speaking, it is much more helpful and convenient than any software-based option on other mobile devices.

But, there is potential for physical elements such as the Alert Slider to have a disturbance of some kind. We are talking about one of the most recognizable aspects of this Smartphone brand. It is the only company in the Universe of Android to incorporate one real slider to alter the audio profile.

Fixing The Alert Slider Of OnePlus Not Working

It is stated in a couple of those virtual reports that the mode of Silent can not be set. Suppose the reader has ever utilized a mobile device by OnePlus. Then they are going to understand that putting the Alert slider to its bottom position is going to activate the state of the ringer. Putting it in the middle, the mobile device will be in vibration mode. Putting it at the top is going to activate the silent mode. The state of testimonies that even if that Alert Slider is at its highest level. Then also, the Vibration mode remains there, and the Silent mode is not on.

We recommend that the user first utilize any delicate and thin instrument, such as a toothpick. To fix the problem of the OnePlus Alert Slider not working in 2022. When they have access to a mobile device from one plus or know anybody who does, they can also attempt to utilize one air compressor. An Alert Slider must slide back. Because it should when the user has eliminated the dirt. It is going to permit them to alter between the three audio presets.

This is ome widespread problem as many mobile devices from OnePlus and the variations of operating software by OxygenOS are stated in these reports. Even though there can genuinely be one bug in any instance. But in many instances, users have solved it just by removing dirt from the Alert Slider. Even in the slot of the Alert slider, where the USB port, mini-jack input, and speaker are placed, there is potential for debris and dust particles to gather.

On top of that, as we often keep the mode set to Vibration or Ringtone, it is just natural for dust particles to pile up in the blank part above, which is where the Ringtone mode is supposed to be enabled.

That was it, readers. We hope you enjoyed this column on fixing the problem of the OnePlus Alert Slider not working in 2022.

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