How To Fix Okcupid Not Getting Likes, Matches, And Messages In 2023

How To Fix Okcupid Not Getting Likes, Matches, And Messages In 2023? Millions of individuals between the ages of 25 and 40 use OkCupid, making it one of the most popular dating platforms worldwide. OkCupid stands apart from the competition since it can be utilised on your phone and PC. OkCupid has been around for more than ten years, which is more than enough time to establish a solid reputation.

OkCupid has a significant edge over other apps since it forces you to respond to questions that are used to determine your level of compatibility with other users and arrange them accordingly. In addition, you may submit explanations for the questions, and the responses are closed.

Device Restart

A device restart is a good first step to take if you’re having trouble with this sort of problem and can’t seem to locate a solution. If the OkCupid app isn’t working properly, try restarting your smartphone.

To Fix Okcupid Not Getting Likes Verify Server Availability

There is a good likelihood that OkCupid’s servers are down if you’ve been having this problem for a while. As a result, you should look at the DownDetector to see whether other people have seen the same problems. If you discover that other OkCupid users are also experiencing problems receiving likes, messages, and texts, you will need to wait until its servers become operational again.

Turn Off and Back On Your Modem or Router

If restarting your modem or router doesn’t fix the problem, try unplugging it. After unplugging everything and waiting 30 seconds, the power will cycle. Reconnect the devices and run OkCupid to see whether the problem of not receiving likes, matches, or messages has been fixed.

The OkCupid credentials you’re using may be invalid. If that is the case, you should change your password. If you forget your password, the method to reset it is simple. You may try another if more than one login method has been set up for OkCupid.

Suggestions for Finding a Permanent Answer

If you are one of the unlucky few who have been unable to fix the OkCupid general login issue after trying the remedies above, then feel for yourself. If this is the case, you may find some helpful advice below.

If erasing the app’s cache does not fix the problem, you may find it once throughout the OkCupid app on the phone.

If you are having issues with the app, try accessing the platform using the mobile browser instead. Many people have gotten useful information from this method.

If you have tried everything else and still need help, email to get in touch with OkCupid’s team.

Why Am I Not Receiving Any Okcupid Matches?

Check your Looking For preferences if you need to see more folks. If they are tight, then you should think about loosening them up. If you wish to reconsider the persons you’ve passed over, you may reset your passes under the Privacy section of your account settings.

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