How To Fix NFC Not Working On Android Phone In 2022?

How To Fix NFC Not Working On Android Phone In 2022? Does Android lack NFC functionality for you? Then, try some of the solutions suggested below to return the missing function. Field Communication is abbreviated as “NFC.” This allows you to tirelessly transfer files to other nearby Android devices, make contactless payments and use public transit. The range is limited and wireless. If you are not utilizing NFC in conjunction with a payment platform, you do not need an internet connection.

While certain budget handsets may omit the feature, NFC is standard on most modern mobile devices. However, people often don’t know it’s there. For example, you can’t use it to make purchases or its other features until you activate them. In addition, the function cannot be accessed until the phone is unlocked or NFC is enabled for usage when the phone is locked. Possible Android OS issues might be the root of the NFC problems.

Please Activate Near Field Communication

Only with NFC enabled can your Android device read data from NFC tags or terminals. It may seem obvious, but it is worth double-checking that the NFC switch is indeed on. Learn how to activate Android’s NFC support below.

  • Bring up the phone’s configuration menu.
  • Select the gadgets that are linked by clicking on them.
  • To choose your preferred connection settings, select it.
  • Next, you’ll need to adjust your NFC preferences.
  • Set the switch to “NFC.”
  • Try turning the toggle off and back on to ensure there isn’t a bug stopping NFC from functioning normally.

Reboot Your Android Device To Fix NFC Not Working

  • The simplest hacks are often all it takes to get NFC working again on your phone. But first, the Smartphone has to be restarted.
  • Just hold the button down to turn off the gadget until the appropriate page appears.
  • Then choose the Power off option. Do not touch anything for a few minutes after the Android Smartphone has shut off.
  • To reset the phone at this time, tap the power button.
  • Make sure NFC is turned on, and then try it.
  • If you are using a bulky, metallic case, take it off.

Thicker and metallic casings may prevent NFC from functioning properly. You can go within 4 centimetres of an NFC reader and still use it. Tap your phone onto an NFC-enabled terminal, but if the case is too bulky, the NFC modules may not be able to communicate.

In addition, the NFC coils may not function properly if the casing is made of metal. To use NFC, you need to remove any protective case with metallic or magnetic components since this will prevent the technology from communicating with the device.

Initiate A Network Reset

Did you give the suggestions above a go and find they didn’t help? Your white knight may be found in resetting your network settings. When you reset your device’s network settings, several options, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile network, and NFC, please revert to their original factory default values. This will force a modification in any configuration preventing NFC from functioning.

The best cell phones nowadays can be used without touching the screen. Many commonplace tasks may be completed automatically with the help of NFC. Not having access to these capabilities because NFC doesn’t function on your Android handset is frustrating. So, to make the NFC function, do as instructed in the manual.

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