How To Fix Metamask Showing Wrong Crypto Portfolio Balance In 2022

How To Fix Metamask Showing Wrong Crypto Portfolio Balance In 2022? Every crypto investor knows the terrifying sense of not knowing whether their funds have been stolen when their wallet suddenly disappears. Do not panic; crypto networks are generally safe; it’s likely simply a bug in MetaMask’s balanced presentation. The solutions to this problem are detailed below.


Although it is far from ideal, MetaMask is the most used browser-based cryptocurrency wallet. Unfortunately, MetaMask seems to have the highest Ethereum Gas Fees and the most complicated user interface. We always think, “Wow, that could’ve been a lunch at Taco Bell/A tank of genuine petrol/A pair of shoes,” when we see the gas expenses associated with sending bitcoin from and to my MetaMask wallet. ETH has to reduce its costs, or it will never get widespread use. There are additional issues with Metamask, too.

You will have to perform a little dance to check out your NFTs in your MetaMask wallet. The wallet may store money from many networks, such as Polygon, and it can be connected to a hardware wallet so that you can check the funds in that wallet. The processes required to access these options are cumbersome, unfortunately.

Fix Metamask Showing Wrong Crypto Portfolio Balance

  • Metamask Often Fails To Reflect Your Currency Holdings Accurately

To verify that MetaMask is showing an inaccurate balance, we need to know the actual amounts in your wallets. You may see every transaction made with any given wallet address using a “block explorer” for any of the main cryptocurrencies. This feature of blockchain technology, known as an “immutable ledger,” is a major selling point. There is no hiding it anymore. has proven to be the most well liked Ethereum block explorer. To see your ETH balance and any transactions related to a certain wallet address, visit this page and enter your address inside the top search field.

Start by opening your MetaMask wallet and selecting the “…” menu in the upper right. Next, choose “View Account” from the drop-down option on

  • You Should See Your Real Cryptocurrency Balance Here Next To The Balance

You should delete and reinstall MetaMask if your etherscan balance does not match the one in your browser wallet. The most probable explanation is that your etherscan balance is accurate, but your MetaMask balance is inaccurate.

If not anything appears right here, ensure the activity button on the left is on and scroll down through the history of purchases.

Carefully observe all exchanges to ensure they are legitimate. For example, if you use several “to” addresses in KuCoin or Binance, you will want to ensure they all line up here. For example, if you see an outgoing transaction to an unknown wallet address, you should be suspicious that your cryptocurrency has been stolen.

Finally, close your current browser, reopen it, and return to the MetaMask login page. This might be the answer to the problem.

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