How To Fix Madden NFL 23 Keeps Crashing On Startup On PC

How to fix madden nfl 23 keeps crashing on startup on pc? Do you have trouble starting Madden NFL 23, or is the game crashing while you’re playing? If Madden NFL 23 continues crashing, this article will teach you how to fix the problem.

Why Is Madden NFL 23 Stuck Up?

Your computer’s hardware has little to do with how often your game crashes; instead, it is likely crashing for reasons unrelated to your hardware. There are several potential causes, one of which is that your computer does not meet the game’s minimum requirements. Crashing may also be caused by an out-of-date client, graphics drivers, operating system, or game version, among other things.

While over clocked CPU/GPU, problems with overlay applications, temporary system glitches, and so on can all cause problems, so can problems with the DirectX version, unnecessary context running tasks, antivirus or web application firewall blocking, with the start-up apps, with the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables, and so on. Fortunately, we have provided a few solutions that, in most situations, will fix the problem entirely, so read on. Let us not waste any more time and get right down to business.

Replace Outdated Drivers

All systems go for Madden NFL 23, which has been launched. If you have a system capable of running Madden NFL 23, yet the game keeps crashing, it is probably due to an out-of-date graphics driver. If you have not updated your computer recently, you should. If you want the most recent update for your device, you can get it on the manufacturer’s website.

It is inconvenient and time-consuming to get PC drivers independently. In some instances, upgrading drivers might be a bit of a hassle. For those who would like a more hands-off approach, we suggest giving IObit’s Driver Booster a go; it will automatically search for and download any new drivers your PC may need. We utilised Driver Booster to upgrade our drivers and resolve Madden NFL 23’s crashing and performance concerns.

Start The Game With Admin Rights

It is also advised that the game executable be executed with administrative privileges whenever possible on a Windows PC to ensure that User Profile Control (UAC) correctly permits all access. The computer can flag your attempt to launch the game if it thinks you are attempting to bypass its permissions.

It Seems Like You Need To Reload The EA Desktop App Again

If you are having trouble starting Madden NFL 23 with the EA App for the PC, try reloading the client by following the instructions below. The developers at Electronic Arts have included a menu item for just such a purpose.

Make A Call To The Official Help Desk

After attempting the solutions above, if you are still experiencing problems with Madden NFL 23, you can always contact the game’s official support staff. You may check out their official site or join the Madden NFL 23 forum conversation.

Put An End To The Background Processes

Inevitably, your system will become sluggish or overburdened with too many processes operating in the background. In addition, launching a game may be negatively impacted since these activities use up system resources such as CPU, Memory, and internet traffic.

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