How to fix iPhone 14 and 14 Plus CarPlay not working

CarPlay is approximately fully set up-free as it pulls details from the iOS mobile device. However, unlucky, the 14 Plus car play and the 14th version of the iPhone are not operating. In the meantime, there is no possible reason for this problem. But our readers do not have to stress as we will provide a couple of way-outs to get rid of this issue. So if they are finding the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus CarPlay not working. Then they have to make sure to go through each of the steps we are going to mention below.

The CarPlay standard permits one head unit or car radio to control and display one iOS device. IOS 7.1 and later are accessible on each model of iPhone, beginning with the fifth iPhone. All big vehicle manufacturers utilize CarPlay, as per the web page of Apple. A system of CarPlay permits users to enter information preserved on their iOS mobile device when it is connected wirelessly in a car or through a lightning port. Such as calendar events, navigation maps, music playlist contacts, and more. Whenever connected with a system present in the dash wirelessly in a car or through a lightning port.

Why is the CarPlay of iPhone 14 Plus and 14 not operating?

Erase the potential to connect an iPhone to the CarPlay with one USB Lightning cable, relying on the vehicle. An individual can also pair their iOS mobile device wirelessly with their automobile when it has the capability of Bluetooth. There are a couple of reasons why CarPlay might cease to operate after the user is utilizing it routinely. The user can anticipate those reasons to involve:

  1. Problems regarding incompatibility. It could be a faulty USB cable.
  2. Issues regarding the updates of iOS. Inability to detect iPhones.
  3. Issues with the connectivity of Bluetooth.
  4. Not being able to detect the iOS mobile device.
  5. It can also be one flawed USB cable.

How To Fix iPhone 14 And 14 Plus CarPlay Not Working?

Fixing the problem of iPhone 14 and 14 Plus CarPlay not working is not one big deal. A user can solve this issue utilizing the way out we have provided below. For that reason, when they come across this trouble, they should check out the methods of troubleshooting here.

  1. The first method is to try a different USB port or cable.
  2. The second method is ensuring the user has activated the car play.
  3. In the third method, the user has to make sure to deactivate the mode of USB restriction.
  4. The fourth method is to update and reset the vehicle’s infotainment system.
  5. The fifth method is to eliminate the issue regarding Bluetooth with car play on the iOS mobile device.
  6. The sixth method is to check the connections properly.
  7. The 7th method is to reset the CarPlay along with the iPhone. 

So, that is how to fix the issue of iPhone 14 and 14 Plus CarPlay not working. We hope our guide on this topic is going to help you. 

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