How To Fix Ios 16 Update Not Showing On Iphone And Ipad

How To Fix Ios 16 Update Not Showing On Iphone And Ipad? You are eager to upgrade to iOS 16 on your iPhone because, as usual, it will offer a slew of new features. However, when you check your device’s settings, you will see it’s already at the latest available version.

No, you will not be able to test the newest version of the program before it is officially released. Only the public beta version of iOS is available for testing in advance. Apple has released the iOS 16 final, but you still have not received the upgrade.

iOS 16 Update Not Showing Up

The iOS 16 error might be caused by a problem with Apple’s servers or your iPhone. While Apple’s servers are built to manage heavy loads, they are still susceptible to technical problems that may lead them down.

However, a weak network, a beta iOS version, and specific unknown faults in the current iOS may prevent you from getting the software update on your iPhone.

Verify Support For Apple’s Ios 16

There may be an issue with compatibility if you cannot obtain the iOS 16 upgrade message. Apple has officially announced that the iOS 16 upgrade will not be released to devices older than the iPhone 8. So those using an iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 won’t be able to get the newest software.

Restart To Fix Ios 16 Update Not Showing

Sometimes there is a technical issue that prevents the update from being loudly broadcast. Consistency in this regard is not a feature of technological gadgets but rather a random occurrence. However, turning off your iPhone and then putting it on again should fix the issue.

The Network’s Status Must Be Verified

A reliable internet connection is needed for the software upgrade. Sometimes, the iOS 16 upgrade won’t show up when you have a slow Internet connection. However, it is possible to reset your Internet connection by switching to and from Airplane Mode.

In addition, problems with the network’s setup might be to blame. To troubleshoot this, you may reset the network configuration by following these steps: Navigate to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. The password must be re-entered before you can connect to the Wi-Fi network.

Assess The Current State Of The System

It’s conceivable that Apple’s services are temporarily unavailable, preventing you from updating your devices. As this kind of thing has occurred before, Apple provides a unique website where you can check the status of their servers.

Cut Off VPN Access

Many people use a virtual private network (VPN) whenever they’re online since it keeps them anonymous and secures their data. However, upgrades for iOS 16 may not function in the same way, so first, turn off any VPN services you have running.

Carry Out A Factory Reset

If nothing else has helped, resetting your iPhone to factory settings may be your best bet. Many update-related problems may be eliminated by doing a factory reset. Take a full backup of the phone beforehand, however.

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