How to fix Instagram stories sound not turning off

The users of Instagram have been in utter shock for the last two days. Other social media networks, including Twitter, are filled with posts regarding the feature of Instagram stories that sound not turning off. That sound is instantly playing on the gadget in the absence of permission from a user.

Usually, that sound is turned off while watching the stories. So users have to click on the speaker’s icon to unmute it. This feature of reports does not play sound by default in the vast majority of the applications. When an individual thinks about WhatsApp or any other product from Meta, they will also understand that it does not instantly activate the sound while witnessing the stories. Instead, they must click on the permission icon for the audio to play.

Stories on Instagram have started posing trouble for many users in the last two days. A couple of users even reported that this problem appeared after they recently upgraded the application. It is one case of a malfunctioning feature present in the application. That malfunction plays audio instantly when it must not, regardless of the circumstance.

Several users attempted muting their mobile devices to turn down the sound playback. Yet those were not helpful to solve Instagram stories that sound not turning off. It feels like the application overrides the permission for audio whenever any user is watching stories in the Instagram application. Just like that, reels on Instagram are also playing sound by default.

That is one big problem because individuals frequently check their social media profiles, even in an institute or workplace. So when the sound plays without permission, it concludes by generating commotion and garnering undesired attention from the surroundings.

Instagram has not launched one formal statement about this broken feature of their stories on their application. Not so long ago, the seed of FB suffered one glitch and started showing celebrity profiles to FB users in their feeds.

  • How to repair the issue of sound not turning off on Insta stories?

No proper solution is accessible because the exact reason for this trouble is not discovered at the moment of writing. But an individual can attempt a couple of specific general fixes. Such as restarting their mobile device, upgrading the application of Instagram, clearing out the app’s cache, and re-installing the application.

Even though social media users say none of those workarounds seems to eliminate the issue of Instagram stories, it sounds like they are not turning off this time. One step an individual can take is to utilize their TWS earbuds or earphones to eliminate their speaker from loudly bursting out in a public place when watching any Instagram story.

The most excellent way is to be patient until meta or Instagram does not roll out one solution. Their developers are likely searching for an answer to this issue of Instagram stories sound not turning off. An individual must continuously check for one new upgrade. Whenever available, they should install that as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Instagram users have to wait. They also have to enjoy Instagram stories and reels when they are all by themselves.

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