How To Fix If Tiktok Not Working With VPN In 2022?

How To Fix If Tiktok Not Working With VPN In 2022? If you have been using a VPN to access TikTok and suddenly find that it won’t load, or if you get a “no network” warning while trying to upload a video, it’s because TikTok has blocked that IP address. Your VPN service is no longer able to bypass TikTok’s VPN restrictions.

If you are having trouble-using TikTok with a VPN, this post will show you how to repair the problem and what you can do to prevent it from occurring again.

Changing Servers

When using a virtual private network (VPN), connecting to the incorrect server is a leading cause of problems accessing geo-blocked content, such as TikTok. Inexperienced VPN users often start the software and link up with the VPN provider’s default server. The virtual private network (VPN) will usually connect you to the physical server nearest you, which may be in the same country as you are now located.

If TikTok is blocked in your country, selecting a server there will have the same effect. Yes, even connecting to a remote server using a VPN, you will still be unable to access TikTok. TikTok should generally work after you move to a host where you are sure it is present.

Remove All Cookies To Fix Tiktok Not Working With VPN

Cookies are a kind of data file used by websites and apps like TikTok to improve and simplify the user experience. According to the company’s Cookie and Tracking Policy, “our Platform employs cookies & other tracking technologies, including software developer kits (SDKs), pixels, and local storage.” None of these techniques is dangerous, yet utilising TikTok with the VPN may be problematic due to Cookies. This is because your precise location is recorded in Cookies.

TikTok may tell you are using a VPN if the IP address it sees in your Cookies does not match the one you’re connecting from when you connect to the service. Then, it will prevent you from connecting. If your VPN prevents you from using TikTok, clearing your browser’s Cookies may help. Put your Domain Name System through a complete flush.

DNS is an excellent example of the kind of data that might accumulate in your computer’s cache and make it hard to use certain services. That is why cleaning your cache regularly is essential: it’s the best way to ensure that your TikTok and VPN connection remains stable. DNS data cleaning is a procedure known as flushing, and despite its esoteric name, it is relatively simple.

Improve Your VPN Service By Upgrading

If using a new server and clearing your Cookies did not work, then TikTok has successfully blocked all of your VPN’s IP addresses. This is because your VPN can no longer bypass TikTok’s VPN blocking measures.

If your TikTok experience has been hampered by a VPN that does not function with the app, the best solution is to change to a VPN that does. ExpressVPN ($6.67/month) boasts lightning-fast servers in every corner of the globe and, more crucially, safeguards in place to prevent TikTok from blocking any of its IP addresses.

If you find that TikTok is not compatible with your VPN, you may try a few different things to get it working.

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