How to fix if Instagram keeps crashing on iOS 16

The social media platform Instagram was created in the year 2010. Mike Krieger, along with Kevin Systrom, the developers. Then later, it was occupied by Facebook Inc. These days, it is called Meta Platforms. Even though the application is still fabulous, there are often a couple of troubles that can take place in it. This makes this application quite unstable. Not so long ago, many users mentioned that after the fresh update for bug repair, Instagram keeps crashing on iOS 16. Even though there is no reasonable cause for this problem, an individual is not required to stress about this because we have a couple of repairs to solve this problem.

Instagram reels have swiftly become the most prominent feature of this application; to date, Instagram is offering quality Reels in the year 2019. 9 out of 10 users prefer Reels daily. Instagram also provides a lot of other characteristics. Such as live sessions, IGTV, and so much more.

Therefore, our leaders only have to read this column until the conclusion and conduct the methods of way outs we will give below to solve the issue of the Instagram application crashing on the 16th version of iOS. 

How To Repair Issue of If Instagram App Keeps Crashing on the 16th iOS?

Typically we do not encounter this type of issue with the app of Instagram. However, we cannot overlook this issue. The reason why Instagram keeps crashing on iOS 16 is not disclosed yet. Even though we are pretty sure that the way out we will mention below will undoubtedly assist our readers, so let us get along with this guide. 

  • Restart The Mobile Device

Many issues regarding cache data and temporary glitches can be solved with one effortless restart of the mobile device. It is not so necessary to make some effort and pay anything to utilize this option. Even though that can sound alien to a couple of individuals. So, attempt it once and notice whether this issue is solved. But the individual must not stress when it does not occur. Restart the mobile device.

  • Check Server Status Of Instagram 

The servers of this social media platform will likely go through one huge issue regarding downtime or outage for quite a long time. The page Down Detector for Instagram Status will offer any individual real-time details if they think similarly. We can notice at the time of putting together this column that there is one massive issue regarding outrage. This is why most users are coming across points regarding crashing loading explore feed along with logins.

  • Clear The Cache Data Of The Application

A bunch of troubles can be solved by clearing Instagram’s cache data. Some of them are issues regarding logins, problems with loading the explore page, crashes, not loading, lags, and so much more. For that reason, it is always one brilliant idea to eliminate the cache data of the application properly. 

This brings us to the concluding part of this column on repairing the issue regarding Instagram keeps crashing on iOS 16. I hope it was helpful to our readers.

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