How to Fix GTA 5 Error xinput1_3.dll is Missing

The GTA V which stands for Grand Theft Auto 5 of the year 2013 is to this date one of the most premium action-adventure open-world multiplayer computer games present on the market. It is offered by Rockstar Games along with Rockstar North. It provides an awesome gameplay story lineup along with visuals that influence everybody. Even though this name has received a bunch of positive remarks for the computer variant. It looks like a bunch of players are coming across the GTA 5 Error xinput1_3.dll is Missing on their Windows PC during startup.

As per a ton of online reports, the file of xinput1_3.dll goes on vanish mode on a system of Windows unexpectedly. That can lead to that particular issue while initiating the video game Grand Theft Auto 5. As this game needs it. Not just for that specific game. But it also shows up for a couple of other titles of AAA, apart from another program. That particular issue text eliminates this game from operating on a computer. So an individual is going to have to either upgrade the variant of the DirectX or involve the folder of the DLL.

Here we have mentioned a couple of potential workarounds for our readers. They can arrive in handy. The individual has to make sure to go through each of the solutions until their issue is fixed. Now in the absence of wasting any more moments let us just hop on to the fixes for GTA 5 Error.

  • Utilize the command of SFC and DISM 

Attempting to utilize the command of DISM or the Deployment Image Servicing and Management on a Windows PC. It is there to repair a ton of problems with files that are missing or corrupted. Deployment Image Servicing and Management is one command-line tool. It can be utilized to service and mount the images of Windows before deployment. 

  • Introduce Visual C++ Redistributable By Microsoft

Visual C++ Redistributable By Microsoft is one set of .dll files or libraries of Dynamic Link. It is quite useful to operate the vast majority of Windows programs appropriately. So, it can be potential that one is operating on one old Visual C++ by Microsoft or it is not introduced yet on the computer. 

  • Update Windows

One old system of Windows can eventually generate a bunch of issues with this gaming startup along with DLL errors. It is a smarter determination to upgrade the variant of Windows or get it whenever accessible to upgrade optimization along with fixing bugs.

  • Run System File Checker or SFC

The scan of the System File Checker immediately finds out and then fixes each of the missing damaged or corrupted system folders present in Windows.

  • Utilize one Third-Party Tool for DLL Repair to GTA 5 Error

When none of the above-mentioned solutions work for an individual. Then they have to make sure to utilize one third-party repair tool of DLL repair to repair the undepictable file of xinput1_3.dll. 

That is it, readers. We wish this column on fixing GTA 5 Error xinput1_3.dll is Missing was useful to them.

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