How To Fix Grounded Shared Worlds Not Working In 2022

How To Fix Grounded Shared Worlds Not Working In 2022? Dealing with Grounded Shared Worlds is a functional problem that may aggravate. It may prohibit users from connecting with their peers and participating in online cooperative gaming. Fortunately, several solutions ought to assist in resolving the problem. This article will explain how to resolve any Grounded Shared Worlds error.

Check The Status Of The Server

It would help if you ascertained the Grounded server status by first checking the official @GroundedTheGame Twitter account for news and updates. There is a reasonable risk that the shared worlds won’t function because game servers are down or undergoing maintenance. To learn about problems that have been reported and impending changes, you may also try checking a Grounded Obsidian Issue Tracker.

You may also attempt to see if the Xbox Live Status shows that Xbox services are functioning correctly or not. You could have a lot of problems from service issues sometimes. Be careful to wait a few hours but then try again if there is a service problem.

Revised Grounded

You may use the Steam client to check for Grounded game updates by doing the below actions. Using an old game patch version, you can have issues connecting to web servers. It’s time to update the game if you haven’t done so in a while.

  • Launch Steam, then choose Library.
  • From the left pane, choose Grounded.
  • Steam will immediately look for the available Update.
  • Click Update to see whether there is an update.
  • Watch for the updating procedure to be finished.
  • Restart the computer after you’re finished.

Game File Repair To Fix Grounded Shared Worlds

Because damaged or missing play files may result in many difficulties with the game starting and the server connection, try checking and fixing the installed games on your PC. To accomplish this:

  • Open the Steam client, then choose Library.
  • Select Grounded from the list with the right click.
  • Next, go over to Local Files after selecting Properties.
  • Select Verify Integrity for Game Files from the menu.
  • Watch for the procedure to be finished.
  • Once finished, turn the PC back on.

Inquire With Customer Support

If none of the suggestions above worked for you, get in touch with Obsidian Support for more help. Make a support request so the engineers can comprehensively analyse it.

Does It Support Crossplay?

Grounded supports crossplay across PC and Xbox, although you’ll need a Microsoft account to use this feature for multiplayer games. To get started, add the people you want to play with when you check-in.

Can I Use A PC To Play Grounded?

Grounded is playable on PC thanks to its Steam availability. In addition, the multiplayer feature in this edition allows you to go on adventures with your buddies. Check this page if you need to fix anything in Grounded; we’ll update it if a multiplayer bug arises.

We hope you found our post on how to solve Grounded’s Xbox or PC multiplayer issue helpful. We’re hoping Obsidian can improve Grounded’s performance. You may begin gathering clay and constructing your colony once Grounded’s multiplayer issue has been resolved. Please let people know about this content if you find it interesting.

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