How To Fix Google Pixel 6A Touch Screen Issues In 2022?

How to fix google pixel 6a touch screen issues in 2022? It might be unpleasant when your Smartphone’s touch screen stops responding correctly. So here are some ideas on how to approach answering your question: Fixing the unresponsive touch screen on your Google Pixel 6. Do you ever ponder what may be the root of such a problem? Most likely, it is correct. Usually, this is the result of direct damage to the screen of the Google Pixel 6. However, this is not the only possible explanation; a software upgrade may have rendered your phone unusable.

Device Restart

When a problem arises with the touch screen, it may act in a way that is out of the ordinary. The stable Android 12 OS eliminates the need to worry about such problems. Unfortunately, there is sometimes no way to eliminate such vulnerabilities, and the resulting issues persist for longer. You can only solve this problem by restarting your phone.

Take Off the Metallic Case Covers

Capacitive touch screens, like the ones found on most recent smart phones, detect our fingertips’ heat and electrical signals to operate. However, things might become complicated when we utilize phone covers made of metal. For example, users of the Google Pixel 6A, especially those using aluminium or copper-based surfaces, sometimes have problems with the touch screen. As a result, covers made of plastic or silicon are preferred over metal ones.

Factory Reset

You may have used this strategy before to solve other mobile device problems. For example, if you have installed any third-party applications on your phone and want to delete their data or undo any changes they may have made to your device’s settings, you may do so by doing a factory reset.

Please remember that this procedure will completely wipe your Smartphone of all data. So make sure you regularly back up your data.

Raise Touch Detection Sensitivity

There has been an increase in the usage of a wide variety of screen protectors, which might hinder the responsiveness of a smart phone’s touch screen. This is because current touch screens are very sensitive, and adding a layer of glass to the surface would significantly slow down the interaction. Therefore, such glass protection is mandatory. However, the sensitivity may be dialled up if desired.

Improve Software and Hardware by Updating Firmware

The development team emphasized that they have solved the problem you mentioned, and it will be accessible in a future release in their reply here to the original Google Problem Tracker report. Nevertheless, keep an eye out for software upgrades, and be sure you implement them as quickly as possible.

Benefit From A Free Product Exchange Period

If none of these solutions works, the problem is probably not software-related but rather hardware-related. In this scenario, you should schedule an appointment with Google’s official support staff. A new touch screen will be provided at no cost if your device is still under warranty.

The troubleshooting steps for the Google Pixel 6A’s touch screen problems are complete. The solutions above should enable you to resolve the issue independently. If this isn’t the case, your smart phone should be checked for hardware defects at the closest Google-authorized repair facility, where you may also have it replaced under warranty.

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