How To Fix Google Pixel 6a GPS Not Working Or Not Showing Accurate Data

How to fix google pixel 6a gps not working or not showing accurate data? In the past, everyone carried a map with them everywhere they went; now, global positioning systems are an absolute need. Is your Google Pixel 6’s GPS malfunctioning? Never fear! In this piece, we’ll provide some advice that should assist you in dealing with this kind of problem. Thanks to the Global Positioning System (GPS), the capability to pinpoint one’s whereabouts anywhere on Earth, thanks to the Global Positioning System (GPS), is a game-changer for business and vacation planning.

You cannot go lost if you have a GPS system built into your phone. As beneficial as new technologies may be, they seldom come without their share of problems. For assistance with the GPS malfunction, try these easy steps:

Flip The Switch For Flight Mode

You have probably heard of this strategy before. As is well known, turning on and off aeroplane mode periodically refreshes the network. Therefore, the wireless network will also be updated. Learn how to activate and deactivate the aeroplane mode on your device.

  • Bring down the alerts menu by swiping down from the top of the screen.
  • Follow the aeroplane icon
  • It is the button you need to tap to activate your device’s aeroplane mode (flight mode)
  • After around 15 to 20 seconds, press it again to turn it off
  • If you reboot the network, your GPS should start working again
  • Disable The Energy Conservation Settings.
  • To disable power saving, go to the settings menu, then choose Battery, and finally uncheck the “Enable Power Saving Mode” box.

Verify GPS Location Settings

If you have already done that and the issue persists. Going into GPS settings and making adjustments manually may help. If you want to alter the preferences, do as instructed below.

  • Just go to your device’s settings and choose your current location.
  • Select the options under “Location” and click on them.
  • When the menu appears, choose “High Accuracy” from the submenu.
  • There is a good chance that this will solve your GPS issues.

Deleting Cache Files

If you are having issues with Google Maps, clearing your cache and data and granting the full app permission to view your location should help. In addition to those above, make sure you have the most recent version of the Maps app installed on your Google Pixel 6.

Try these easy solutions if your Google Pixel 6’s GPS is malfunctioning. We recommend checking your data or Wi-Fi connection if you are still having problems if this has already been done.

If you are near an impediment, such as a high wall and other metal items, you should attempt to go to a new place or site. You should avoid tunnels and mountains if you’re trying to get a good GPS signal.

All possible Pixel 6a GPS fixes have been described. You should double-check your internet connection if nothing of these options is yielding results. Even if you’ve tried everything and can’t get the GPS to work, you can always call or email the Google Pixel support team. You may be sure that it will be resolved.

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