How to fix Google Pixel 6a Android Auto not working or keeps disconnecting

Android Auto is one new-age tool for navigation that assists the user in simply navigating across one busy Street with the assistance of Google Maps and Google assistant paired, even though its attributes operate correctly in the presence of any other Android mobile device. But not specifically in the presence of 6a by Google pixel. There have been a lot of software patch upgrades to eliminate this issue. Yet still, a bunch of users are coming across a similar issue each day. So let us fix Google Pixel 6a Android Auto.

The mobile device of Google Pixel is undoubtedly the most premium smartphone an individual can purchase from the current market. But when it comes to the applications’ support, they disappoint the user from time to time. That is precisely the case with 6a by Google pixel. The auto feature of this Android mobile device is not operating correctly. Our experts can also say it continuously disconnects now and again and is not utilizable at all.

Android Auto of 6a by Google Pixel Keeps Disconnecting or is Not Working

In the presence of the complicated cable lines and roads present in the world around us these days, a user must have entrance to the assistants of Android auto present in their requirements regarding Car navigation. But the individuals have been reporting to a lot of mobile brands that they are not capable of connecting their mobile device ( 6a by Google Pixel ) with Android Auto.

The reason behind these issues remains a mystery. But here, our experts will check out a couple of troubleshooting methods. They can assist the user in the same.

Reboot Devices

Typically the system regarding Android can be adjusted by rebooting the connecting mobile devices. That clears the underlying glitches with the technology or problems with vacant RAM. The user has to reboot each of their Google Pixels along with the media player of Android auto to fix Google Pixel 6a Android Auto. Only then can they check whether this step helped them with this problem.

Set The Mode Of Battery to Unrestricted

In the presence of Android Auto, the user must keep the battery mode of their 6a by Google pixel unrestricted because the GPS combined with the navigation will take a bunch of energy away from the battery. When this battery option is not switched on, Android auto’s feature will not operate accurately.

Switch Off The Option Of Adaptive Battery

The option of an adaptive battery is one fresh characteristic of Android devices these days. In the presence of it, the devices intend to transform whenever the demanded voltage is offered. However, that can be one tough job as whenever the user attempts to plug the media player of Android auto in with one cable of type C USB.

To escape that, the user has to switch off that feature. Then the Android auto is probably going to begin working appropriately after that.

This brings us to the end of the column on how to fix Google Pixel 6a Android Auto. Please understand that the vast majority of the issues are associated with one faulty or wrong cable.

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