How to Fix Garry’s Mod Crashing on Startup on PC

Garry’s Mod, abbreviated as GMod, may refer to many distinct builds of the ubiquitous sandbox game. Users have reported issues, but it stands to reason that any game with that many users would have its fair share of problems. The most frequent complaint is that the game freezes. There might be several causes for Garry’s Mod Crashing on Startup on PC. We have compiled a list of options for fixing the problem for anyone who has it on Windows.

In 2006, Valve released Garry’s Mod, a sandbox video game created by Facepunch Studios. The game may be downloaded on PCs, Macs, and Linux computers. You may play alone or with others, if you choose.

Crashing in Garry’s Mod might be due to several factors, including insufficient RAM, improper in-game settings, malfunctioning drivers, or an outdated version of DirectX. Let’s figure out what went wrong with Garry’s Mod on your PC so we can get it up and running again as soon as possible.

Here are some reasons Garry’s Mod could be crashing on your PC

  • If you don’t take the time to set the choices up correctly, you may find that you have less fun playing the game. This implies that modifying the factory settings is something you should approach with utmost care.
  • There’s a chance the game is utilizing an outdated version of DirectX. If you want the best possible gaming experience, you should update DirectX.
  • It’s possible to have a broad range of issues if your graphics driver is either out of the current or broken. For this reason, check whether the software is broken or running an old version.

The Stream Can function improved synchronization; however, many users experienced crashes, making the tool ineffective. Turning it off might prevent the crashes from happening.

Alternative solutions to fix Garry’s Mod Crashing on Startup on PC

Perhaps you don’t have to try them all. However, one should proceed from the highest level down to find a workable answer.

  • Maximize the resolution of your screen for the best experience

Your PC’s graphical settings may prevent Garry’s Mod from loading or running correctly. However, some gamers have reported success after switching to “High” visual settings.

Altering the visual settings may cause a drop in frame rate but should prevent the game from crashing.

  • Make sure the game save valid

  1. To play games, fire up Steam and go to the Games tab.
  2. Use the search box to track Garry’s Mod, and then right-click it to access its settings.
  3. To verify your game’s cache’s consistency, go to its local files and click the appropriate option.
  4. Put your faith in the process and wait for it to end.

When a video game’s data get corrupted, the game often becomes unplayable. Therefore, in the event of a crash in Garry’s Mod, it is essential to check the integrity of the game cache.

  • The -32bit option should be available for downloads.
  1. Use the right-click menu on Steam to start Garry’s Mod. Make some selections in the Personalized Settings.
  2. Access the -32bit option by selecting Set Startup Options from the General menu.
  3. After making the required adjustments, please save your work and get to play.

Users have claimed that activating this beginning option fixes the bulk of the problem, while some crashes still occur when using the Alt+Tab keyboard shortcut.

This article discusses why Garry’s Mod Crashing on Startup on PC. We also looked at several other ways ahead that may work. I pray that you can put this information to good use.

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