How To Fix FIFA 23 Crashing Or Not Loading On PS4 And PS5

How To Fix FIFA 23 Crashing Or Not Loading On PS4 And PS5? There have been reports of recent crashes on PS5 with the most popular football game, FIFA 23. Players are concerned about the same problem that inhibits them from exploring the game, preventing them from enjoying new gaming elements and completing interesting tasks.

However, this is not a major problem; you may return to playing after using the strategies described here. You’ve come to the correct spot if you’ve been having similar problems and are hoping to find a solid answer. You can check FiFa football worldcup insights here- 世足賽2022, keep yourself updated with it.

Our compiled list of workarounds should have you back into FIFA 23 on your PS5 in no time. Then, why don’t we take a peek?

For The Latest Features, Be Sure To Check For Updates

Before attempting additional remedies, it is advisable to check any system updates just on the PlayStation console. An out-of-date software release may be the root of several problems.

  • The PlayStation system’s settings may be accessed via the system’s menu.
  • In the Update section, click Basic Software Update > It is important to regularly check for updates and implement them by the prompts shown on the screen.
  • Changes made at this point need a system reboot to take effect.

Erasing Game Saves (PS4/PS5) To Fix FIFA 23 Crashing 

Well, game data that is faulty or absent might create a variety of problems with the PlayStation crashing. If you are having trouble, erasing your saved games on the PS4 or PS5 is a good first step.

  • The Storage options may be found in the Settings menu.
  • You may access your saved FIFA 23 data through Saved Data > FIFA 23.
  • To access your game’s save files, use the controller’s Options button (one or multiple).
  • If you want to cancel a task, you may click the Delete button and then the Confirm button.
  • Do not forget to restart the system after making modifications
  • Your PlayStation system will be wiped clean, including any locally stored games. But have no fear. Since you are connected to the internet, your progress and save files will be accessible. This should cure the problem if you’ve been experiencing FIFA 23 crashes on a PS4 or PS5.

Verify The Online Game’s Availability

These problems are comparable to what you’d encounter if your gaming server were offline or maintained. Check the FIFA 23 Tweets to see if there are any reports of server problems or if any maintenance is currently taking place.

Help With Reports To Fix FIFA 23 Crashing 

If you have exhausted all other options and FIFA 23 on PlayStation still crashes or won’t launch, you may try contacting the game’s support team.

Reboot The Game System

Performing a factory reset on your console is another option to attempt because none of the solutions help.

  • The PlayStation system’s settings may be accessed via the system’s menu.
  • You may initialize your PS4 or PS5 by going to the “Initialization” menu.
  • The following page will allow you to choose “Full.”
  • Your PlayStation 4 or 5 will immediately begin erasing all user data and resetting to factory settings. Depending on the amount of information stored on the drive, this might take a few hours.
  • Allow the procedure to run its course. As soon as you’re finished, restart the computer.

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