How to fix FIFA 22 sound not working on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, X/S

FIFA 22 is one of the latest and most popular multiplayer football simulation video games. It is for the French rise of FIFA that was published and developed through Electronic Arts in 2021. The game of her attractive characteristics is in the presence of one new gaming technology, HyperMotion, on each of the powerful platform’s gaming. Even though this game has received a bunch of positive remarks. The alterations are frequent. So many players have come across the sound of the FIFA 22 not working problems on the series of X/S consoles by Xbox, Xbox One, PS5, and PS4. It becomes annoying for sure. So here is how to fix FIFA 22 sound not working.

So, if the reader is one of the sufferers encountering such a problem, they are not lonely here. Fortunately, there are a couple of potential workarounds suggested below. However, they must arrive in handy for the players. As per a bunch of reports, virtually the vast majority of the players of FIFA 22 have issues regarding sound. Whenever they start this game suddenly and out of no where, it involves the point of no sound coming out, crackling or cutting of audio issues of the microphone not operating, and so much more. 

How to fix FIFA 22 sound not  on the series of X/S consoles by Xbox, Xbox One, PS5, and PS4?

It looks like a bunch of unlucky players are coming across issues regarding sound whenever they cut scenes or scenes in the introduction. There the background sound effect or music stops working unexpectedly. So, a player is stuck in one split second and thinking about why that is happening. Yet there is nothing to stress about it as our experts have provided some methods for troubleshooting for the players to follow. This is why in the absence of draining any more moments, let us slide into how to fix FIFA 22 sound not working.

Look For Gaming Updates

The player can try looking for FIFA 22 and whether it is updated with the newest variant or not. One old version of this game can finally Trigger a bunch of problems with the performance.

Look For System upgradations to fix FIFA 22 sound not working

The player has to make sure that the software of the system on FIFA 2022 is operating the newest variant.

Attempt Playing This Game Again

The player can attempt playing FIFA 22 from the start in the absence of one preexisting game save. This is to look at when the saves of this game are corrupted. Often rebooting this game is going to solve the issues regarding launching and crashing entirely. So the player can power off their console and then power source. Then wait for a minimum of a couple of moments. Then they have to reconnect their power adapter once again. Then turn it on and attempt playing FIFA 22 again.

So, Whenever you want to fix FIFA 22 sound not working persists even after going through the steps mentioned above, the user has to contact Sony.

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