How To Fix FIFA 22 Keyboard Or Mouse Not Working

How to fix fifa 22 keyboard or mouse not working? Electronic Arts FIFA 22 for 2021 is a multi-player soccer simulation game. Unfortunately, despite the game’s impressive performance and stability, some unlucky PC gamers still have trouble with the FIFA 22 Keyboard or Mouse Not Working problem. Multiple reviews state that the connected peripherals suddenly stop functioning as the game begins or become unplugged strangely.

If you are one of the unfortunate individuals who have encountered this problem, please use our troubleshooting advice to get things back to normal as soon as possible. We hope that the two solutions we have presented here will greatly assist you. Since the game’s release, there have been several claims on the boards that the keyboard and Mouse don’t function properly. In addition, there have been reports of players complaining about input latency while using the keyboard and Mouse.

Request That All Other Input Devices Be Turned Off

Other than the keyboard and Mouse, please turn off any controllers, graphics tablets, etc. In addition, please turn off and unplug x360CE, and any other similar software you may use to simulate physical input devices.

Negatively Affect Acceleration Of The Mouse

You might try turning off the “Enhance pointer accuracy” option when using the Mouse. The procedure is as follows:

  • Turn Off Touch screen
  • Please disconnect the touch screen and enable the Mouse and keyboard if you’re using a tablet PC.

Check and Fix Broken Game Data

Suppose, for some reason, your game files disappear or get damaged on your PC. In that case, you may run into several problems while attempting to load the game and additional incompatibilities. Be careful to check again for the issue after verifying and fixing the game files correctly.

Turn Off Apps That Overlay The Screen

Streamers and gamers might benefit significantly from the supplementary overlay apps often included with specific programs. However, these overlay applications might ultimately cause FPS dips, black screen difficulties, delays, glitches, and so on by clashing with the game files necessary for proper operation. If the game is still crashing, you may double-check by manually removing any overlay programs and then relaunching the game.

Install Windows With Mouse Tracking Enabled

To verify whether the issue has been resolved, you may utilize the Windows PC’s mouse trails feature. That is to say:

  • End FIFA 22 by exiting the app from the launcher and the taskbar.
  • Choose Equipment > go to Mouse> More Mouse Settings.
  • Under Pointer Options, choose to show pointer trails.
  • Select Apply, and then restart the game.

Verify If There Is A New Version Of The Keyboard And Mouse Program

These days, it’s common for peripheral makers to provide software specifically for configuring a mouse or keyboard that’s been plugged in. Just go to the manufacturer’s website for your model number and download the most up-to-date software for your computer from there.

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