How To Fix FIFA 22 Blue Screen Error Or Struck On Initializing Screen On PC, PS, Xbox

How to fix fifa 22 blue screen error or struck on initializing screen on pc, ps, xbox? You may have heard that a new FIFA is available. And there are some very significant new additions. However, several users have complained that FIFA 22 will not launch on their devices. If this is a problem you have been having, you are probably really upset about it.

You might reach the point of considering permanently deleting the game from your computer. Please don’t fret; we have your back. With a bit of adjustment, you may bypass the loading screen. Here is how you get through the FIFA 22 loading screen and into the action.

FIFA 22 Stuck At Loading Screen

Use The ”Run As Administrator Option In The Game

To ensure the smooth operation of the game on your Windows PC, you should launch the executable file with an administrative capacity. That is to say:

  • Select “Right-click” from your computer’s menu to open the FIFA 22 executable.
  • Next, go to the Property Sheet and choose the Compatibility option.
  • A check-mark must be placed in the box labelled “Run this software as an administrator” before you may do so.
  • To permanently commit your changes, click Apply and then click OK.

Bring It Up To Date

An out-of-date version is one possible cause of your FIFA 22 game freezing at the start screen. This is because you have not yet applied all of the available updates. EA has fixed many critically inconvenient flaws and glitches since the game’s release.

This approach has been verified to work on PC and consoles. This may be done automatically, or you may need to manually install the update, depending on the system you are using to play the game.

Clear The Cache In FIFA 22

If there is a problem with the temporary store data, it seems that removing the game cache file on the PC can let you run the game correctly. To achieve this:

  • Use the Windows key plus R on your keyboard to bring up the Run dialogue.
  • Learn where the FIFA 22 folder is stored, and then remove it. All the temporary FIFA 22 cache files are here.
  • Finally, restart the computer and prelaunch FIFA 22 to see whether the issue persists.

Start The Compatibility Checker

  • Try running a compatibility trouble-shooter if you have tried everything else and can’t get FIFA 22 to operate on your PC.
  • First, close FIFA 22 by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del, which will launch the Windows Task Manager.
  • Select the Details menu item, and then look for the FIFA22.exe specific type in the list.
  • Select the action, right-click, and select Properties.
  • Then, return to the Task Manager without closing the Properties window.
  • Choose End Process > Reopen the Properties panel to terminate a running process.
  • Launch the compatibility trouble-shooter by selecting the Compatibility menu.
  • Testing the software is as simple as clicking the Try suggested settings button.
  • To fix the issue, follow the on-screen instructions.

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