How To Fix Doom Eternal Failed To Allocate Video Memory Error

How to fix doom eternal failed to allocate video memory error? Doom Eternal has been released, and gamers enjoy their time in the abyss. Unfortunately, however, certain bugs in the game have developed, ruining the experience for some players.

  • “You are not authorised to see this material.”
  • Failed to access video memory or “No Physical Device”

In addition to the faults above, we also have methods to fix the game’s performance, audio, and the “Content still awaiting install, please wait” Error in DOOM Eternal. To read them, click the link.

In case you had not heard, driver updates for Nvidia and Radeon graphics cards were published the day before the game’s launch. The Update for the DOOM game includes several bug fixes. Therefore, updating the video card drivers is the first step in fixing many performance issues with the game if you haven’t already.

The End Is Nigh: An Update

An out-of-date game version may cause a visual memory allocation problem. Thus upgrading Doom Eternal is the first step.

  • Launch Steam, then choose Library.
  • When you launch Doom Eternal, the game will look for an update on its own.
  • Select Update to check for software revisions.
  • Please be patient while we update the system.
  • After making modifications, a restart of the computer is required.

Put In The Latest Drivers For Your Graphics Card

You may want to do it now if it has been a while since you updated the PC’s graphics driver. There might be a wide variety of problems with applications that rely heavily on graphics if the graphics driver is out of the current.

Amplify Computer Memory Capacity

It’s also conceivable that the system-allocated video RAM for your game has been exhausted. Therefore, it is necessary to manually expand the system’s virtual memory by allocating more virtual memory again for play.

If you want greater performance, ensure the paging file is larger than the amount of RAM you have. Increasing your computer’s virtual memory amount is as simple as following the instructions below.

Switch To A Window Without Borders

Borderless window mode, accessible from the options menu, may minimise the game’s demand on the graphic card by making it operate on a full screen without any black bars around the edges. And here’s how:

  • Start up Doom Eternal.
  • Navigate to the Graphics/Video section of the Settings menu.

Check And Fix Broken Game Data

If you have tried everything and the game won’t launch, fix the files on your PC by verifying and repairing the installation. There might be many launch/play difficulties if game files are damaged or missing. That is why we must:

  • First, start Steam, then go to File > Library.
  • Select Doom Eternal with a right click on the left side.
  • Select “Properties” and “Local Files” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the option to check the game files’ integrity now.
  • Do nothing until the procedure is finished, and then restart the computer to take effect.

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