How to Fix Destiny 2 Voice Chat Not Working in 2022?

The second version of Destiny was released in the year 2017. Since its release, many players have frequently encountered issues regarding voice chat. If any individual properly glances at the Reddit forums or official forums of the 2nd Destiny. Then they can notice that a bunch of players is coming across this problem. The issue of Destiny 2 voice chat not working is pretty old. Which is the reason why developers of this game have provided game updates time and time again two eliminate this problem. Yet the problem is still present. So the players of this game have to eliminate it by themselves now.

When the second variant of Destiny was published, the game received remarkable reviews. The primary aspect that most players liked was how this game was played. It has an authentic storyline along with facilities that focus on multiplayer exploration. So this is the reason this game is very famous for its gameplay involving multiple players. But players still encounter issues regarding voice chat every now and again. So here are some methods to work around or fix this issue.

Fixing The Issue Of Voice Chat Not Operating In Destiny 2

The second version of Destiny is one well-known shooter game in the presence of multiplayer action that takes the players to one stunning open world. This game is adventurous and amazing at the same time.

But the fun and thrill of this game can be seriously disturbed when a player cannot communicate with their multiplayer partner. But they do not have to worry, as we are here with a couple of workarounds to fix the problem of Destiny 2 voice chat not working.

  • Disabling The Add Ons

The vast majority of gamers prefer to keep game help or additional add-ons. These permit them easy control of their gameplay or even assist them in improving their play. But those add-ons are unauthentic. So hence sometimes, they do not operate at all. On top of that, they disturb the internet folder of this game and can be the creator of the issue regarding voice chat. So if a player utilizes these add-ons, they have to make sure to deactivate each of them and attempt to play this game.

  • Reset The Audio Service Of Windows

If the method mentioned above does not work, then most probably, the audio series of Windows is not operating properly or coming across some internal issue. For example, suppose the individual can hear other players’ voices. But their teammates are not capable of listening to that player’s voice, so the issue is present in the microphone.

This brings our readers to the finishing point of this column for repairing the issue of the Destiny 2 voice chat not working. The individuals must understand that this issue is typical for both console and PC players. So the repairing techniques are also similar, which is why an individual must make sure to attempt each of the sixes mentioned above. If none of them resolves this issue properly, then the player has to reinstall this game. 

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