How To Fix Dead By Daylight EAC Error Code 10011

How To Fix Dead By Daylight EAC Error Code 10011? Dead by Daylight, an online co-op story-driven video game developed and published by Behaviour Interactive, has a 4vs1 multiplayer option. It’s a fun survival game since just one person has to be the killer while the other 4 play the roles of survivors trying to get away. Unfortunately, some PC users are reporting the Dead the Daylight EAC Error Code 10011 while trying to open the game, despite the success of this asymmetric product.

Now, if you’re one of the unfortunate people who’ve run into this problem, here’s how to solve it: The likelihood of seeing this error number when attempting to launch the game is considered regardless of your PC specifications. On Dead By Daylight’s forum, you may find many reports. Fortunately, we have suggested a few other solutions that may help you solve the problem. Let us check out the steps of ”How To Fix Dead By Daylight EAC Error Code 10011”.

Anti-cheat Services Disabled

If Windows’ Anti-cheat service is turned off, you may get the error message. Games must have this feature since it prevents players from cheating. This might be why you get problem 10011 upon starting the game. If this is your situation, try restarting your computer and re-enabling this service to see if the problem goes away.

Windows Update To Fix Dead By Daylight EAC Error

There is also a strong probability that Windows will become unstable or out of date. In such a case, you may have trouble starting the game or getting it to function correctly. Be careful to upgrade to the most recent version of Windows by checking for and applying any available patches.

Virus Vs Antivirus To Fix Dead By Daylight EAC  Error 

This startup failure might be due to your antivirus software. If the antivirus software determines that the primary executable file is dangerous, it will prevent access. If this is the case, you should install the latest antivirus software or turn off the ultra-safe antivirus programme.

Update Dead by Daylight

Problems with the game’s launch and the PC’s simple anti-cheat security might arise if you use an out-of-date version. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that you regularly check for game updates and manually implement them.

Re-Install the Most Recent Version of Visual C++

An old version like Visuals C++ might prevent ‘Easy Anti-Cheat’ from executing as intended. Thus, updating the latest version of Visual C++ is required to fix the issue. The prior version must be removed first to update to the newest version of Visuals C++.

Signature Disabling For Drivers

Finally yet importantly, if you’ve tried everything else and the EAC system still won’t operate, try disabling the driver signature. It is possible to mitigate EAC-related issues by turning off driver signature verification.

  • To access the Run dialogue, use the Windows key plus R.
  • Just click Enter after typing cmd to launch the Command Prompt. (Hit “Yes” if asked by UAC).
  • Using the cmd prompt, run the following command:
  • When you are finished, exit the command prompt and restart the computer.
  • Play the game and look for the problem once you have finished.

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