How To Fix Astro Command Center Not Detecting Headset Step By Step

Is the Astro Command Center not identifying an A50 headset? Wish for a proper fix Astro Command Center? The application of Astro Command Center is an effective one to customize and set up configurations for the gaming products of Astro. Moreover, individuals can utilize it to personalize their peripherals as per their preference. However, most users have criticized Astro Command Center’s software and cannot find the A50 headsets. That gets irritating because that keeps a user from customizing and utilizing their device appropriately on Windows.

This article is for you if the reader is also one of the negatively influenced users coming across this identical problem. In this guide, the experts will discuss the different repair methods that must assist Astro Command Center in identifying an A50 headset on the PC. Yet before attempting any repair, ensure the device is properly charged and fully attached to a PC. Then, if the user still faces this issue, they can attempt one of the listed fixes below to solve it.

Before talking about the real answer, let us attempt to uncover the causes of the Astro Command Center not being able to identify the A50 headset. So let us explore.

The Possible Reasons For Astro Command Center Unable To Identify Headset

There can be many different reasons for the Astro Command Center being unable to identify the headset. All of us know that a headset is one electronic gadget; hence, the device is prone to faults in its circuit and other harms. There can be problems with an application of a Command Center itself. That is failing every single time to communicate with a specific headset. There can even be problems with the system of Windows itself. There it can not identify a driver, unsuccessful in communicating with the headset. 

Old device drivers might be one other reason for this identical problem. When the situation is applicable, the user must update each device driver to repair the issues. When the Windows is old, a user can face this issue. Hence, introduce each of the pending Windows updates and update the PC to its newest build.

Besides those, there might be many other problems that the experts will discuss after this, along with the possible answer. So, let us go through each of the answers and make sure an individual does not encounter any of these errors again.

Repair Astro Command Center Not Identifying A50 Headset

Here is a ton of fixes for Astro Command Center, that an individual can implement if their Astro Command Center is not identifying the second, third or fourth generation A50 Headset:

  1. Examine whether there is one problem with the headset itself.
  2. After that, the user has to run a Bluetooth Troubleshooter.
  3. Then update their Windows.
  4. After that, they have to update their device drivers.
  5. And then they have to update the Firmware.
  6. Then they should reinstall their Astro Command Center.

Why Is The Astro A50 Headset Not Operating?

If the A50 headset by Astro is not operating on Windows, it might be as if the gadget is not fully set up or connected to a PC. So that might be another possible answer to fix Astro Command Center.

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