How to fix Apple Magic Mouse not scrolling on Windows 7, 10, 11

The Magic Mouse by Apple features one optimized base layout and a Multi-touch surface for smoother movement across the system of Windows and Mac. Yet what when it suddenly pauses scrolling? An individual does not have to worry! One can fix Apple Magic Mouse not scrolling on Windows 7, 10, and 11 problems in a ton of methods. So, it is going to continue its operations as before. In this column, we will talk about a couple of valuable ways to fix the issue regarding the scrolling in Magic Mouse by Apple.

Reasons behind Magic Mouse by Apple Stop scrolling on Windows 11, 10, and 7

As the readers understand, many reasons for scrolling in Magic Mouse by Apple can be the problem. Such as faulty or depleted battery, connectivity problems along with the PC, or problems in the settings of the wireless mouse by Apple. Also, incompatibility or bugs present in the older variant of the operating system can create this problem regarding scrolling.

We will advise our readers to follow the upcoming steps as per the serials. That can increase the rate of success in the absence of many efforts. They can opt for the next step when the previous step does not work. After going through those Highly Effective steps to eliminate this scrolling issue, the issue persists. 

Then the individual has to take their device to their nearby service station Apple to fix Apple Magic Mouse not scrolling on Windows 7, 10, and 11. The problem regarding scrolling can also appear because of a couple of issues associated with the hardware. The representatives present in Apple’s service center will surely fix that.  

  • Reset The Settings Of A Magic Mouse By Apple

Often the right click stops functioning when the mouse settings go wrong. It is typical in Windows systems. Also, this can trigger the issue regarding scrolling the Magic Mouse by Apple. This is why resetting its function can eliminate this issue.

  • Reconnect A Magic Mouse By Apple With The PC

Restarting a Bluetooth gadget is not enough to eliminate the issue regarding scrolling present in Apple’s Magic Mouse. Then the individual can attempt re-pairing or reconnecting it with their Windows computer. 

  • Turn On And Off A Bluetooth Connection On PC

When its batteries are properly charged, the issue regarding scrolling in Magic Mouse by Apple persists. Then maybe it is one issue of Bluetooth connectivity. After longer-term utilization, often, the connectivity regarding Bluetooth stops operating correctly. An individual can solve that by resetting Bluetooth connectivity. You can resolve it by restarting the Bluetooth connection.

  • Check Out The Batteries Of A Magic Mouse By Apple

A Magic Mouse by Apple utilizes 2 AA batteries. They are either rechargeable Lithium or alkaline. Often we do not remember to recharge or replace those batteries. That is the reason why it becomes depleted or faulty. Hence a magic Mouse is going to stop working. So the user has to recharge or replace the batteries of the Apple Magic Mouse to get smoother operation.

So that brings our reader to the end of this column on how to fix Apple Magic Mouse not scrolling on Windows 7, 10, and 11. We hope the steps mentioned above assist them. 

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