How to fix Apple Magic Mouse not charging problem in 2022

The Magic Mouse by Apple is one great device that can make the experience of utilizing any Mac computer wonderfully convenient and simple. Because it offers one multi-touch surface, it is one rechargeable device, and an individual cannot utilize it without proper charging. They are required to understand the procedure of how to supply power to their magic Mouse by apple. Yet the question here is how to fix Apple Magic Mouse not charging problem in 2022.

The process to charge a Magic Mouse by Apple:

It is one really easy process. All an individual has to do is utilize one lightning cable. So that is how they have to go about it.

  1. First and foremost, they have to connect one side of their lightning cable to a USB port of their Mac computer.
  2. Then they have to attach the other side of that cable to their charging port situated at the back of their Magic Mouse by Apple.

How to understand if the Magic mouse by Apple is charging or not?

The 2nd Magic Mouse by Apple does not have one light as its indicator to point out when it is receiving a charge. So, an individual has to utilize their Mac computer to understand when it is receiving a charge. Also, to fix Apple Magic Mouse not charging problem in 2022. They can do that through any of the following three simple options.

The first method is to utilize the menu bar by finding the icon of BlueTooth on it. Then tapping on that icon will lead the individual to one menu of the dropdown. From there, they are required to pick out Magic Mouse by Apple to understand whether or not the device is receiving a charge.

In the second method, the individual can utilize the system of their preference from the menu given by apple. From it, there is going to find out the battery’s level and the indication of charging.

How to Repair the issue?

So, the Magic Mouse by Apple has paused operating, and the user is wondering whether they should or should not reach out to support from Apple. But before they do that, an individual can follow a couple of simple steps for troubleshooting.

  • An individual must ensure that their lightning cable has properly been plugged in.
  • Wipe out the lint from their charging port.
  • Check out the power source of the USB of their Mac computer. 

The options for troubleshooting we have recommended above must do the job. Yet when a user of Magic Mouse by apple still can not charge their device. Then there can be one issue regarding its hardware. Maybe the battery of their Magic Mouse by Apple got injured because of some technical glitches or mechanical issues. 

In that scenario, it is highly suggested that they do not waste any time and communicate with the support team of Apple then and there. Any authorized Service Station of Apple is going to detect the issue with the battery. Then, they are going to either repair them or replace them properly. This article on how to fix Apple Magic Mouse not charging problem in 2022 will therefore assist the individual in determining if they are required to get in touch with the support Center for customers by Apple or not. 

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