How to fix Android 13 Google Assistant not working or broken

According to a lot of online reports, the 13th variant of Android stops a Google Assistant from operating in a couple of cases. So, if an individual has recently upgraded their smartphone to the 13th variant of Android and their Google assistant is not working correctly. Then this column is here to let the users know how they can fix Android 13 Google Assistant not working or broken.

The Assistant of Google was introduced to regularly assist every individual with their activities. So it is performing that properly till this date. Yet since the update of the 13th Android was released, individuals have reported one bug present in that variant.

In this column, we are going to find the solutions to fix the assistant of Google not operating in the new 13th variant of Android. We will also find out why the assistant Google has stopped working and the methods to fix that. Finally, we are going to elaborate on each of the steps. So be with them till the end.

There are a couple of reasons why an assistant by Google has paused working. First, it can probably happen because of an issue regarding the microphone if the assistant of Google was operating correctly before the user upgraded it to the 13th variant of Android. Then it can be a bug in the 13th Android, and one OTA update will affect this Android 13 issue.

It is not one complex process to fix Android 13 Google Assistant not working or broken. Frequently, issues can be repaired by utilizing a couple of simple steps. An individual can improve Google Assistant by using the ways given below.

  • Make sure the microphone is switched on

Assistant by Google only works if it has access to the microphone of a device. So it always requires uninterrupted entrance to a microphone to listen to and operate a command. Maybe after upgrading to the 13th variant of Android, the microphone, by default, was turned off. So the user requires to switch it on for their Google Assistant. They can do it by offering the permission of their microphone.

  • Check if the Google assistant is switched off or on

When the assistant by Google is not interacting with a voice. Then maybe because it was not switched on. The assistant by Google utilizes the interweb to communicate with the world. Also, to listen to the command of its user. It requires one active internet connection. One can go into their settings to understand if it is switched on or off.

The assistant by Google is one fantastic feature for individuals who wish for one assistant for all their fun or work-related stuff. As mentioned before, these steps can assist one individual in initiating their assistance.

The 13th variant of Android is loaded in the presence of features along with a couple of bugs too. An individual will come across a couple of bugs in Android 13 Because it is quite an early upgrade the Android. Google will fix Android 13 Google Assistant not working or broken later in their updates.

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