How To Fix Android 13 Bootloop Problem In 2022?

How To Fix Android 13 Bootloop Problem In 2022? Android devices experiencing boot loop issues will not typically show any signs of starting up. Instead, after booting up and displaying the manufacturer logo, the phone will constantly power off and restart. It’s annoying that you can’t get beyond the manufacturer’s branding.

The Android system is flawed if your smartphone gets stuck in a boot loop. Soft brick & hard brick are the two most common boot loops on Android. It’s possible to “soft brick” your smartphone if it becomes caught in a boot loop while installing new firmware or while being rooted. When your phone has a hard brick, it will not start up and will not respond to any of your inputs. If you’re having trouble with your Android smartphone, there are a few things you may try.

Put Your Phone Through A Hard Reset

The boot loop problem may be resolved by doing a hard restart. It frees up RAM and terminates any in-the-background programmes. If there is a disagreement between the processes, implementing this fix should hopefully resolve it. Hold down the power & volume buttons simultaneously for 15 seconds to perform a hard reboot. Put the buttons down and let the gadget a moment to reset.

Take Off Your Cell Phone Cover

This seemingly minor action may be the key to fixing your problem. Your phone’s case may keep dirt out, but it also slows down the device’s capacity to dissipate heat, which might cause Android to crash during the startup animation if it gets too hot. So take the phone out from under its case and see if it helps.

Take The SD Card Out Of The Phone

Android phones may become stuck in a perpetual reboot cycle if a file becomes damaged or if it isn’t requested. Taking out the SD card and powering it on the phone should reveal whether or not the card is to blame. If you can get the phone to power on without a case, the SD card is likely faulty and has to be swapped out.

Activate The Emergency Mode

It has already been shown that a third-party programme may cause severe problems for an Android phone. So, be wary whenever you install an app like that. Unfortunately, because your device is stuck in a boot loop, you cannot remove them. The Safe Mode option allows you to determine whether a third-party programme is to blame.

As soon as you boot into Safe Mode, your device will stop running any additional software. You should uninstall the offending app if the smartphone improves its performance in this setting. To uninstall such programmes, the only solution is to do a factory reset on your phone. As this essay progresses, we’ll get to that topic.

Verify The On/Off Switch To Fix Android 13 Bootloop

Most of us cover our phones with cases to keep them unscathed and dust-free. However, there’s a reasonable probability that your case continually pushes the power switch or even other buttons if it’s too crowded. The next logical step is taking the case off and seeing whether the issue still exists. The protective cover sluggishly impedes the phone’s capacity to dissipate excess heat.

Overheating has been shown to cause unusual behaviour in several devices. So, take off the case and let the phone alone until it cools down if yours is hot. After 5 seconds, release the power button and see whether the boot loop issue has been resolved.

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