How To Fix Android 13 Bluetooth Not Working Issue In 2022

How to fix android 13 bluetooth not working issue in 2022? For a considerable amount of time, Android 13 remained silent. Multiple beta versions were released at various times to help fine-tune the programme. The purpose of releasing a beta version is to find bugs so that they may be addressed in a future release. The Android 13 updates are only available for Google Pixel devices.

The Google Pixel devices that can run Android 13 are listed below. There are a variety of Pixel devices from Google, including the Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 4a 5G, & Pixel 5XL. When using Android 13, Bluetooth may stop functioning on certain devices. You are free to implement my suggestions. Users on the Android 13 Beta should either wait for the final version of Android 13 or revert to Android 12.

Reboot Your Cell Phone

We suggest restarting both the Android 13 phone and the second Bluetooth device to see if it restores communication. In addition, it is recommended to restart the Bluetooth device to clear any temporary system glitches or cache data.

This workaround has been helpful for the vast majority of impacted Android device owners. So, could you give it a go; there’s nothing to lose. To restart your device, just press & hold down the Power button until the menu appears, then tap the Restart option.

To Re-Pair a Bluetooth Device

You should repair the Bluetooth device if you have already done it in the past and it is not connecting now. First, you must access your phone’s Bluetooth settings and unpair the gadget. To connect your phone to a Bluetooth device, you must first switch on Bluetooth on both devices. Problems with your device’s connection or audio should now be resolved.

Be Sure to Update Your Software

Incompatibilities with Bluetooth connection might arise from incompatibilities with older Android operating system versions or from not having the most recent security patch version installed. If you want to double-check that your device’s Bluetooth is functioning properly, it is best to look for available software updates and manually install them.

Get the Latest Phone Update

The Bluetooth problem you are experiencing may be resolved by upgrading to the most recent version of your phone’s operating system. Reconfiguration -> Software update may be found in the Settings menu.

Be Certain to Take Away Roadblocks

Ensure there are no physical barriers between your location, the mobile device, and any other Bluetooth (if both devices are not kept closer). Checking for obstructions or other sources of signal interference between Bluetooth devices is always a good idea. Keep a clear path between the two Bluetooth devices and get them as near as possible.

Go To The Help Desk

Whether the issue persists, take your phone to a repair facility to determine if there is a software or hardware problem.

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