How to Fix Android 13 Bluetooth Not Working Issue in 2022

At last, Google publicly launched the stable build of the 13th version of Android in August of the Year 2022. It is the 13th major operating system for Android, along with a successor of the 12th version of Android. It arrives with several noticeable improvements and features apart from users’ preferred refurbished visual alteration. But it has arrived with stability issues and bugs that users can not deny. For example, many users are coming across the Android 13 Bluetooth not working issue.

Even though sharing files through Bluetooth is not that appropriate for modern mobile devices. But listening to songs wirelessly and connecting with devices with smart loT and so much more staff are fruitful for any Android user. However, this can be irritating enough for the users of the 13th version of Android as they experience Singh connectivity issues regarding Bluetooth along with the issues of signal dropping and so much more while communicating with any other Bluetooth device. This specific issue can take place due to its many potential reasons.

How To Repair Issues Of Android 13 Bluetooth Not Operating?

A couple of affected users have also stated that the unfortunate Bluetooth stopping error appears quite often, which is irritating. There can be one problem with the device settings regarding Bluetooth or the problem with internal hardware troubling the 13th variant of Android a lot somehow. When a Bluetooth device is not present in the range of one old build of the system software, too many devices of Bluetooth-connected inappropriate batteries to handle Bluetooth, and so much more can be the reason.

Fortunately, here we are going to share a couple of methods for troubleshooting for our readers. They can go through them below and fix the Android 13 Bluetooth not working issue. So in the absence of waiting any more moments, let us hop on to the steps below. 

  • Make sure to eliminate all the obstacles

Individuals must ensure they are eliminating any type of hindrance from their zone between the BlueTooth devices and their mobile devices. For example, suppose both of these gadgets are not in close proximity. Sometimes hindrance or other staff present in between the pairing devices can create signal interference. So an individual must check it out. They should try to keep both their BlueTooth devices free from any obstacles, along with keeping them in closer proximity.

  • Boot the mobile device in safe mode

In the vast majority of the cases, if any third-party application or software conflict takes place. Then the mobile device can not operate appropriately, or the connectivity regarding Bluetooth begins bothering them quite frequently, which is the reason why it is better to reboot the mobile device in safe mode. This is how the user can cross trick whether any third-party application or software is creating any problem or not. 

So that is it, readers. We hope this guide is going to assist you in fixing the Android 13 Bluetooth not working issue. 

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