How To Fix American Truck Simulator Low FPS Drops On PC To Increase Performance

How To Fix American Truck Simulator Low FPS Drops On PC To Increase Performance? SCS Software developed and published American Truck Simulator, a simulation game about driving a truck. New Coloradan downloadable content (DLC) has been out for two days, and players are already experiencing issues.

Open-world truck driving game American Truck Simulator, developed and published by SCS Software in 2016, is a fan favorite. It features iconic American pickup vehicles and takes players on adventures around the country. However, despite the game’s success, some PC gamers have complained about frame rate reductions in American Truck Simulator and asked for advice on how to fix them.

How To Fix American Truck Simulator Low FPS Drops : 

Refresh Your Display Drivers To Fix American Truck Simulator Low FPS Drops

To play games and use other graphics-intensive software, it is advised that you check for graphics driver upgrades on your PC.

Review The Technical Requirements

Problems stemming from incompatibilities with your computer’s specifications likely are to blame. However, before making any hasty judgments, you should examine the game’s requirements and PC specs.

Put An End To Any Open Background Processes

It’s possible that crashes, delays, stutters, decreases in FPS, etc., are caused by unneeded background running processes or applications that use too much CPU or Memory. To achieve this:

  • To access the task manager, press the ctrl, shift, and esc keys simultaneously
  • Select any background processes you don’t need to keep running and are using too many resources by clicking the Processes tab.
  • To terminate a running program, use the End Task menu item; repeat this process to terminate any other extra programs.
  • To implement your new settings, you will need to restart your computer.

Flip Between Several Kinds of Screen Representation

Use the game’s options menu to toggle between fullscreen and windowed bordered display modes. Depending on the settings of your monitor and computer, this will ensure that the game files run without a hitch. In addition, you don’t have to commit after only one attempt. This helped several of the impacted gamers.

Toggle Video’s Auto Settings

You could try switching to auto adjustments in full screen if you are still experiencing frame drops after trying the previous solutions.

  • To cancel a game, use the Esc key on your keyboard.
  • Select Video from the Options menu inside the game.
  • Then, be sure to continue gaming and double-check for any further frame dips or delays after selecting Auto Settings.
  • If you’ve already tried decreasing the visual settings from the game menu and are still experiencing latency or frame drops, try selecting All.

Change Your Power Settings To High Performance

It’s possible that your Windows machine isn’t performing up to par because you have it set to Balanced mode under Power Options. Just switch to High-Performance mode to get the most out of your system during taxing games. However, the high-performance setting may drain the battery faster if you’re using a laptop.

How To Get Help With American Truck Simulator

If you have tried everything and still can’t get American Truck Simulator to operate, please get in touch with the support team for assistance.

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