How to fix American Truck Simulator keeps crashing on startup on pc

American Truck Simulator is among the most famous open-world video games in the presence of a commanding truck simulator. SCS Software released this game back in the year 2016. It provides well-known American trucks to the players and permits them to take one journey through many landmarks in the United States of America. Meanwhile, a couple of unlucky players are reporting that the issue of the American Truck Simulator keeps crashing on startup on the PC. That seems so irritating that we can not deny it at all.

Now, if the reader is also one of the sufferers to come across such a problem, then make sure to go through this article on troubleshooting to repair this issue. For the vast majority of the part, the issue regarding startup crashes and this game not launching on Windows occur whenever there are a couple of conflicts with the hardware or software from the computer side. So the possibility is that an individual can come across the issue of crashing during startup. Even when an individual is utilizing one intense gaming. But our readers do not have to stress because we have offered workarounds for them.

Why is the American Truck Simulator Crashing?

Problems with the hardware or software from the side of the computer can often create startup crashes. At the same time, a bunch of other potential reasons can be implemented that we have discussed below. An individual can take one glance at those reasons below. Then they can head over to the troubleshooting methods to fix issues with the American Truck Simulator that keeps crashing on the PC’s startup.

  1. Issues regarding the compatibility of the specification of a computer.
  2. An old version of this game.
  3. An old launcher of this game.
  4. Old graphics drivers.
  5. Issues regarding the performance of DirectX.
  6. Unnecessary tasks are running in the background.
  7. The software of firewall or antivirus blocks the gaming file.
  8. Issues regarding the application of Startup.
  9. Issues regarding the Visual C++ Redistributables by Microsoft.
  10. Overclocked GPU or CPU.
  11. Issues regarding the applications of Overlay.

Fixing The Issue on Startup on a Computer 

The individual can dive into the ways mentioned we have provided because now they know the potential reasons. They have to follow them step by step until days fix their problem. Even one single way out can repair the issue entirely in the absence of one-second thought. So, in the absence of draining any more moments, let us jump into this. 

  • Close all the unnecessary tasks running in the background.
  • Repair the gaming files.
  • Upgrade American Truck Simulator.
  • Switch off any third-party applications of Overlay.
  • Switch off the software antivirus or Windows firewall.
  • Adjust the options of power management.
  • Reinstall Visual C++ Runtime by Microsoft.
  • Perform one clean boot
  • Restore default to GPU or CPU, which is Overclocked.

That brings our reader to the conclusion of this column on the methods of troubleshooting the issue regarding the American Truck Simulator keeps crashing on startup on the PC. We hope these methods worked in your favor.

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