How to fix AirPods Microphone Not Working in 2022?

So far, Apple’s AirPods are among the best wireless headphones available. Thanks to AirPods’ responsive microphone, you can listen to audio and carry on conversations hands-free. Your AirPods’ microphone is situated at the very tip of the earpieces’ wired extensions. If your AirPods Microphone Not Working , this article will teach you how to repair it quickly and easily.

Why Does the Microphone on My AirPods Microphone Not Working ?

Due to the dynamic nature of its sensors, the Airpod’s microphone may be rendered inaudible by even a trace amount of water or dust. The microphone on the AirPods may also be inoperable due to software flaws, Bluetooth issues, physical obstructions, faulty sensors, and so on. There have been more reports of muted audio from AirPods when used in damp conditions.

  • Make sure your AirPods are fully charged

Possibly the AirPods’ microphone isn’t picking up sound since it’s out of juice. Put your AirPods in the charging case and hold it near your iPhone to see how much juice they have left. While the AirPods themselves may continue to function on a low battery, the microphone may cease to do so. In order to restore microphone functionality, please charge your AirPods.

  • Update software to fix AirPods Microphone Not Working

If your AirPods’ mic isn’t functioning and there’s no obvious physical damage, it may be a software issue. The microphone on your AirPods may cease operating if you are using an outdated software version, do not have authorization, or are using a different Bluetooth version.

  • Restart your iPhone

Rebooting your iPhone is the quickest and most straightforward way to repair the issue. This fixes the issue with the AirPods microphone when programs and processes running in the background are to blame.

With the simple instructions provided, you may force restart your iPhone.To activate Siri, you may use the iPhone’s side button or volume controls.Slide the power button to the off position when the slider appears on the screen.

  • AirPods need to be charged

Low battery life in AirPods may cause a variety of problems, including the inability to use the microphone. In this case, charging the AirPods and then reconnecting them to the smartphone should do the trick.

In this manner, you can see how much juice your AirPods have left before you decide whether or not to put them on a charge. Also, activate Bluetooth while doing so.

  1. To store your AirPods, open the carrying case.
  2. The case should then be stored in close proximity to the gadget.
  3. The AirPods’ remaining battery life will display on your smartphone shortly. Each AirPod and its charging case will display its current battery life.

When you’re not using your AirPods, they should be in their case for 30 seconds.

If your AirPods’ microphone is malfunctioning for whatever reason, putting them back in their case will reestablish the Bluetooth connection with your iPhone. Return the AirPods to their case and leave them there for 30 seconds. Once you have them plugged into your iPhone, test the microphone to make sure it is receiving sound. If your AirPods have a little problem, this is the quickest and simplest method to repair it.

If the AirPods Microphone Not Working , you can repair it in the manner described below. If the problems with the microphone persist after attempting the aforementioned solutions, you may need to take your device to an Apple Repair Center for diagnosis.

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