How to find who blocked you on Facebook in 2022?

Do you want to find who blocked you on Facebook? Facebook has purely charmed all individuals with its marvelous features. FB has given one platform for individuals to be connected with their family members and friends. FB has become one staple in our daily life, whether it is sharing videos, photos, or only casual conversation.

Yet, for one reason or another, individuals get blocked by other individuals on FB. It can be one argument or one misunderstanding that got out of control. Regardless of the circumstances, getting blocked on FB can be one annoying experience. FB does not show which account is blocking an individual to preserve a user’s privacy and not torment their feelings.

Luckily there are methods to find out when an individual has been blocked on FB. Yet before we go there, it is essential to find Who Blocked You on Facebook in 2022.

Methods To Find Which Profile Blocked Which Whom On FB

Hopefully, our readers understand the contrast between the feature of unfriend and block on FB. So here are a couple of methods to find Who Blocked You on Facebook in 2022.

  • Look For The Profile Who Blocked A Profile on FB

The simple method to figure out if any profile on FB has blocked another profile or not is to go to that profile.

If the profile owner can find the other profile, then they have not been blocked by that profile. But when the profile does not appear in the outcomes of a search. Then it can indicate one of two things. That profile has either deactivated its profile or blocked the individual who is searching for it.

To confirm when they have deactivated their profile, the individual has to attempt to look for their name on their friend’s account. They have possibly disabled their profile when their name is still not showing up. But if the individual comes across their account on their friend’s profile, then that account has probably blocked the individual.

  • Check Which Profile Blocked You on FB by Tagging That Profile In One Post

Facebook permits users to tag other uses in comments and posts. So when an individual can tag a profile they consider has blocked them. Then it indicates that that profile has not blocked the individual. However, when an individual attempts to tag a profile in any post, their name does not show up. Then possibly, they have blocked the individual. If the individual does not come across the name, then they have possibly been blocked by that profile. 

  • Message That Profile Who You Assume Has Blocked You

Connecting with family and friends we are sending texts is one of the most premium features of FB. However, if an individual can not send a text to any profile, it may be because that profile has blocked them on FB. When an individual attempts to send that profile any text. But came across the notification stating that the person is not accessible in messenger anymore. Then that person has possibly blocked the individual.

That is it for our readers. We have provided all the methods to find Who Blocked You on Facebook in 2022.

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