How to find secret recovery seed phrase in Metamask in 2022?

To understand how to find secret recovery phrase metamask in 2022, the individuals must go to their MetaMask settings. Once they are in their MetaMask settings, they must press the “Security and Privacy” switch to go to the ground for privacy and security.

Lastly, press on the “Reveal the Secret Recovery Phrase” to come across the secret recovery phrase.

Individuals need to know their password for MetaMask to find their recovery phrase. Unfortunately, if the individual forgets there, they will not recover it. They can then import their MetaMask wallet to any wallet utilizing their recovery phrase. They can also recover their MetaMask wallet even if they have forgotten their password.

Here is how to get the personal recovery phrase at MetaMask.

1st step:

First and foremost, the individual has to log in to the MetaMask via Chrome.

2nd step:

Then go to the MetaMask settings.

3rd step:

After the individual has been trapped on “Settings,” a settings page will open. The settings page is going to have multiple options.

This involves “Advanced,” “Contacts,” “General,” and more. Under the option for “Contacts,” the individual will notice the option for “Security and Privacy.”

The “Security & Privacy” option allows you to change your privacy settings and view your secret recovery phrase. Since the individual hopes to find their recovery phrase, tap on “Security and Privacy.”

4th step 

After the individual has tapped on the “Security and Privacy,” they will land on the page of “Security and Privacy.” On this page, they are going to notice multiple headers.

This includes “Reveal Secret Recovery Phrase,” “Use Phishing Detection,” and “Show Incoming Transactions.” Since the individual is hoping to come across their recovery phrase, press on the “Reveal Secret Recovery Phrase.”

5th step

After the individual has tapped on the “Reveal Secret Recovery Phrase,” they are going to land on the page of “Secret Recovery Phrase.” If they have ever moved computers or changed browsers, they need the personal recovery phrase to get inside their accounts. Hence, they are required to save that somewhere secret and safe.

The individuals have to keep in mind that they can not share their recovery term with anyone. This is as anyone with the phase can steal each of their accounts. To continue, put the password in the field which states “Enter the password to continue” and tap on “Next.”

6th step 

After the individual has entered their MetaMask password, press “Next,” they will be capable of seeing their recovery phrase.


  • How does one find their MetaMask phrase?

Once one is in their MetaMask settings, tap on “Security and Privacy” to enter their privacy and security settings. Lastly, tap on the “Reveal Secret Recovery Phrase” switch to see the personal recovery phrase.

  • What is the secret recovery phrase in MetaMask?

This Secret Recovery Phrase is one unique 12-word term generated when somebody 1st creates MetaMask. The funds are linked to that term. 

  • Can you change your recovery phrase on MetaMask?

One can not edit or change their Seed Phrase or Secret Recovery Phrase. If one ever loses their password, their Secret Recovery term permits them to recover the wallet and the funds.

To sum it up 

After all this, there are some things that the individual can do. They can either preserve their recovery phrase else copy it as a CSV file. Tap on the “Copy to clipboard” option to copy the personal recovery phrase. Tap on the “Save as CSV File” option to keep it as the CSV file.

The individual has adequately learned how to find secret recovery phrase metamask in 2022!

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