How To Enable Two-Factor Authentication Of Demat Account On Zerodha App

How To Enable Two-Factor Authentication Of Demat Account On Zerodha App? The login interfaces of several major stockbrokers’ trading systems have recently been mimicked by fraudsters who have set up phoney websites. A combination of text messages, emails, and social media postings containing stolen contact information was used to distribute these websites to unwitting investors.

Investors who did not know better accidentally clicked on the links, giving away their usernames, passwords, PINs, and other sensitive data. The scammers have used this information to access the victim’s trading account and make trades in illiquid scam penny stocks or options contracts. A loss for the hacked account would result from this. In addition, fraud penny stocks are often purchased in client accounts at inflated prices, even though there is no market for such securities.

Everyone who uses Kite must sign in using an OTP sent to their phone or inbox. The time-based one-time password is the abbreviation for this term. In contrast to the conventional one-time password (OTP) sent to users by email or text, TOTPs are produced by an app on the user’s mobile device. Typically, this TOTP is only suitable for 30 seconds before it expires and must be regenerated.

Follow These Steps To Set Up A TOTP:

    • Kite’s client ID may be accessed after logging in. You will find this in the page’s upper right corner. Select “My Profile” from the menu.
    • Select “Password & Security” from the menu.
    • Activate Two-Factor Authentication with One-Time Password
    • Put in the one-time password that was sent to your email.
    • Set up Google® Authenticator on the mobile device. Either the Google Play or Apple App Stores should have it. Some options include (or Microsoft®, Authenticator, or Authy).
    • Select “Scan a barcode” and hit “Start” to add an account by scanning its corresponding barcode.
    • Scan the barcode that appears on your Kite profile page after granting the app access to the camera. You may add the account by scanning the code if you have an authenticator app.
    • Kite will display an OTP; key that in and then choose “Enable.”
    • After the TOTP is established, you will get a confirmation message.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Choose Password & Security from the My Profile/Settings menu. Next, choose 2-Factor Authentication (TOTP) and click the Enable button.

The one-time password will be emailed to your registered email. Then, launch one of the Authenticators above applications on your mobile device. In addition, use TOTP to get a six-digit number and log in.

How does Zerodha’s TOTP work?

The One-Time Password (2FA) security feature helps keep login information private and prevents accidental or intentional disclosure.

Stocks with a high probability of becoming the target of fraud or phishing due to the dissemination or theft of login credentials cannot be traded if this feature is disabled.

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