How to Enable Haptic Feedback on the iOS 16 iPhone Keyboard?

Ever since the launch of the Taptic Engine inside the 7th iOS mobile device Apple has given them all for one phenomenal haptics. Then it is shocking that it took them such a long time for the keyboard after iOS mobile device to possess the feedback of haptic. In the presence of the 16th iOS Apple is finally touching the level of Android. Also along with a bunch of third party keyboards for the iOS mobile device by offering haptic feedback when a user types. So let us see how to enable Haptic Feedback on the iOS 16 iPhone keyboard.

Deactivate by default the haptics of the keyboard utilize the Taptic Engine to generate one small “tick” sensation when the user touches any key on their keyboard. It is unique from the sounds of a keyboard that the last majority of the users switch off as soon as possible. Also it is unlike the disturbing sounds that come from a keyboard. It goes on to work even if the iOS mobile device is in its silent mode.

It feels fresh. Even though the feature has been accessible in a couple of third-party iOS keyboards along with a bunch of Android mobile devices for a long time now. This is the strength of defaults. When an individual has been one user of the iOS mobile devices for a long time then they possibly do not utilise any third party keyboards. So they have possibly never understood this feature that was accessible on Android. 4,000 and thousands of uses this is going to feel like one brand new feature for only iOS mobile devices. Also it is the kind of aspect as users never knew they required it until they had it.

How to switch on the haptic keyboard iOS mobile device?

To get benefits of the feedback haptic on the keyboard, the iOS mobile device required to be operating the 16th iOS or later. When a user does not notice any option of haptic feedback. Then they have to look for the veriat of the iOS and upgrade the iOS if required. Here is how to enable Haptic Feedback on the iOS 16 iPhone keyboard. 

  1. First and foremost the user has to initiate the app of Settings.
  2. After that the user has to click Sound and Haptics.
  3. Then scroll down and then tap on Keyboard Feedback. 
  4. Switch on Haptic via swiping the switch to the right.  

After switching on the keyboard of haptic, the user can also switch off the effect of sound for the keyboard feedback. As they would wish, unlike the keyboard feedback sound, keyboard feedback of haptic optares when the iOS is set to silent or ring.

The user may see more than one toggles for the “Haptics” present at the switch of the primary settings page of Sounds and Haptics to “Play Haptics in Silent Mode,” and “Play Haptics in Ring Mode,” and more. However these are not going to enable or disable the setting of the haptic keyboard of the iOS mobile devices that they have just switched on. So that was all about how to enable Haptic Feedback on the iOS 16 iPhone keyboard.

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