How to enable Dynamic Lock on Windows laptops 11

Suppose any individual wishes to keep their Windows 11 Computer secure while away from their desk. Then there are a couple of methods one can do. The most essential is generating one password or pin to eliminate unauthorized entrance. An individual can then utilize one keyboard shortcut involving L paired with a Windows key to lock their screen. However, if any individual wishes to try one simple solution, they can enable Dynamic Lock on Windows 11. 

It instantly locks the computer when the user walks away from it. If any individual has never utilized it before, then here is what they will be required to do to activate the Dynamic Lock on the 11th Windows.

All about Dynamic Lock on the 11th Windows

Dynamic Lock is one feature of the 11th Windows. This can lock the PC whenever one paired BlueTooth devices, such as a wearable gadget or mobile device, is out of range. The feature of Dynamic Lock is going to lock the computer instantly even if an individual forgot to utilize the l shortcut following the Windows key when stepping away.

Dynamic Lock utilizes any paired device in the presence of Bluetooth. However, it is possibly smartest to utilize something with one proper amount of range and battery. Such as one mobile device. When the device is not in the range for more than 30 seconds, Windows will lock the display immediately.

How to Activate Dynamic Lock on the 11th Windows?

An individual will be required to begin by connecting their Windows 11 computer with one BlueTooth device to get everything started. Then only they can enable Dynamic Lock on Windows laptops 11.

The readers can utilize the upcoming steps to switch on the Dynamic Lock on the 11th Windows.

  1. Turn on the computer and go to the application for settings through the start menu.
  2. In the Settings app of Setting, they have to click on Accounts and then the option of Sign-in.
  3. Expand the option of Dynamic Lock under the Additional settings.
  4. Then tap on the button of Allow Windows. So it can immediately lock the computer screen when the user is not present in the range.
  5. The individual has to wait a couple of moments, and the gadget they are picking out to add through Bluetooth will show up as their device for Dynamic Lock.
  6. When the user walks away from their computer and the device period with the Dynamic Lock is out of range, just after thirty seconds, their PC will lock automatically.

Protecting The Windows 11 Computer 

An individual must be capable of activating and utilizing the Dynamic Lock on their 11th Windows with the assistance of the process above.

Dynamic Lock is only one method to add an excess layer of protection to the 11th Windows computer. For more security, an individual can opt for Windows security on the 11th version of Windows. It is going to maximize security. There can also be circumstances when an individual is required to disable or enable Windows security.

If an individual is not yet on the 11th version of Windows, they do not have to worry because they can also enable Dynamic Lock on Windows laptops 11.

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