How To Enable 5G On Oneplus Smartphones In 2022?

How To Enable 5G On Oneplus Smartphones In 2022?

With this helpful tutorial, let us teach you how to activate 5G on the OnePlus phone. Jio and Airtel, two of India’s largest telecom providers, have just launched 5G services. In addition, a swarm of potential customers is preparing to jump on the 5G bandwagon. For example, several OnePlus devices already support 5G or are 5G-ready [more on that below]. Enable 5G on the OnePlus devices, however, may be challenging given that the technology is still in its early experimental phases.

Therefore, you will need to pass a few prerequisite tests and meet certain criteria first. That is what this manual is meant to do: make you aware of. After completing these instructions, your OnePlus smartphone running ColorOS or OxygenOS will be ready to accept 5G connections. That being said, let’s get going.

Enable 5G On Oneplus

The OnePlus 5G smartphone is ready to use once you get the 5G smartphone. But you can’t utilise 5G on your phone until you turn it on. OnePlus supports 5G in two different methods, both of which are detailed here.

Switch Settings To Enable 5G On Oneplus 

The settings menu will likely be the first place you go to activate 5G. How to accomplish it is explained below.

  • Enter the phone’s settings on the OnePlus 5G.
  • Choose SIM card and then network type.
  • Choose 5G from the available options, which include 4G, 3G, and 2G.
  • Your OnePlus devices already have 5G functionality.

Verify That Your Device Supports 5G or Is 5G ready

Both 5G Supported and 5G Ready devices are capable of using the 5G network, although there is a subtle distinction between the two. In the case of phones, “5G Supported” indicates that the technology is supported but not activated. However, in the following over-the-air update, the manufacturer will start it. Therefore, even if Jio activates 5G for your phone number, you will not be able to utilise it until then.

For instance, the OnePlus eight is compatible with 5G networks, but this capability is currently disabled. Until Google releases an over-the-air upgrade, you will not be able to use 5G on your smartphone. In contrast, 5G readiness is built into the hardware of 5G Ready devices. Phones like the OnePlus 9 Pro, which are 5G-ready. Therefore, you could utilise 5G immediately when Jio authorises your phone number.

Create A 5G Recharge Strategy Now

You may need to have a 5G-compatible plan that has been refreshed before you may use certain providers. For example, even though Jio does not yet provide a dedicated 5G-recharge plan, you will need to be on at least the Rs 239 4G policy to be eligible. Airtel 5G Plus also necessitates using a 4G SIM card.

5G-capable mobile devices were the focus here. In several Indian cities, 5G may now be accessed on 5G handsets. Check your 5G capability and then make these adjustments to apply 5G to your OnePlus smartphone if you are having trouble switching to the 5G Network.

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