How To Edit Message On iPhone 14 And 13

An individual can these days rectify their slip-ups in their sent texts if they are utilizing iPhones now. All thanks to its 16th iOS feature! Let us see how to edit messages on iPhone 14, iPhone 13, and more.

The company had recently declared the fresh update of 16th iOS that launched many new customization options and features at the WWDC of the year 2022 recently. One of those features is letting a user edit their sent text on the iMessage application. It does not matter how proper an individual is at typing; typical grammar slip-ups and typos are challenging to avoid. Often, the incorrect text is sent, and another time, a more outrageous situation occurs. However, in the presence of the update of the 16th iOS, that is going to transform forever. 

Although 16th iOS has not rolled out, for now, the 13th series of iPhone, along with the 12th series of iPhone, and other utilizers can edit their messages while operating on the 16th Beta version of iOS. If not, then the 16th iOS is anticipated to roll out for their greater audience at the Fall event by Apple. So, here is how the magic of 16th iOS will allow individuals to edit their sent texts on their 14th iPhone, and 14th iPhone, along with other iPhones.

The way of editing texts on iPhone 14, iPhone 13, and more

  • 1st Step:

Individuals can edit their sent text on their iPhone 14 and iPhone 13, along with other iPhones operating on the 16th Beta version of iOS 16. The user will be required to open their application of iMessages on their iPhone and open one conversation thread. They can utilize the identical trick on their iPad to activate the newest version.

  • 2nd Step:

Now, they must pick out one recently sent text they wish to edit. Note that they can edit their text only within 15 minutes after sending the text. After this, the feature of editing the sent text is not going to work.

  • 3rd Step:

The user will require a long press on the text they are editing, which will pop up one menu. Click on Edit.

  • 4th Step:

Now they can easily make the needed modifications to that text message. When they are finished editing, then click that “blue tick” to confirm. That will preserve that edit and allow the user to save that edited message.

  • 5th Step:

And it is done! No individual is going to be aware of the previous text. But that edited message will be presented to the recipient in the presence of the tag of “Edited” beneath the text.

More On Editing Text On iPhone

Before any individual follows this process mentioned above of how to edit messages on iPhone 14 and 13, they have to understand that Apple has provided fresh software backup from some of their older models. Just the 8th iPhone and above users can enter that feature as the 7th iPhone, 6th iPhone, iPhone SE, and iPhone 6s do not back up the fresh update of the 16th iOS because of their hardware limitations.

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