How To Disable Or Remove Samsung Pay From Your Galaxy Smartphone

How To Disable Or Remove Samsung Pay From Your Galaxy Smartphone? Smartphones often come with several useful applications pre-installed for the user’s benefit. However, you may find that some of the pre-installed software has no use for you at all.

For example, preloaded on Samsung Galaxy devices, Samsung Pay may only be beneficial for some customers, given the rise in popularity of UPI or other wallet payment methods. Therefore, on newer Android versions, Samsung has made it easy for consumers to deactivate Samsung Pay on their Galaxy phones.

Disable Or Remove Samsung Pay From Your Galaxy

The rapid launch gestures are convenient if you often employ Samsung Pay to purchase items. They make it possible to access the app with a single finger swipe from the bottom of the screen, whether on the home screen, on the lock screen, or even while the screen is turned off. However, if you use it sparingly, the gesture might get unpleasant from the home screen and lock screen.

Follow these procedures to turn off those motions without also turning off the Samsung Wallet app:

  • Then, go live with Samsung Wallet!
  • First, find the Menu button in the screen’s rightmost corner.
  • Select Preferences
  • Choose convenient shortcuts.

Select The Access Points And Default Card

The options to lock the screen, return to the home, and turn off the screen should all be deactivated. All three choices may be left active, or only one can be turned off.

Removal Of Samsung Wallet From One’s Device

If you have followed the steps above, the Samsung Wallet app will remain installed and ready for use. In this manner, you may quickly access your digital auto keys and stored passwords from the app drawer.

When you wish to stop using Samsung Pay, your primary payment method, you may remove the Wallet app from your device. Here is how it’s done:

  • First, go to your phone’s Settings menu.
  • Make Your Choice From The Available Apps
  • To access Samsung Wallet, please click here.
  • In the settings menu that appears, click Uninstall.
  • To accept your option, tap the OK button.

Can Samsung Pay Be Disabled On The Galaxy Watch?

Both Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and the freshly introduced Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 were two of the most incredible Android wearables. These smartwatches are among the few available screens with Wear OS 3 compatibility, are well-made, and have a high standard of durability.

On the other hand, the services that Samsung bundles with its devices are disappointing, especially compared to the company’s other offerings. Use two instances; Bixby & Samsung Pay are both helpful. While Google Assistant may be used instead of Bixby, Samsung Pay has fewer customization possibilities.

As a first step, you cannot remove the application. Even turning it off is out of the question. You cannot even reconfigure the physical toggle since long pressing always opens Samsung Pay. There is a double-click shortcut to install Google Pay & associate the home button. Samsung Pay with Galaxy Watches is a feature you should currently disregard.

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